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Tips To Make Your Wedding Weatherproof In Budget Friendly Way



Make Your Wedding Weatherproof

You can try going through all the almanacs reading about the weather but still, it would be impossible for you to actually predict the weather on the day of your wedding. You can check the daily forecast but even that doesn’t ensure that the weather will be foolproof. If it is going to rain, then it is going to. So, in that case, your best bet is to prepare for the worst weather, be it, the torrential rain, excessive heat or heavy snowfall.

Weddings are always a costly affair. So, here we have tried to compile together the best ways that you can introduce to make your wedding weatherproof without making a hole in your pocket.


Prepare a Plan B

The last-minute rain or snow can really destroy your wedding set up so you must prepare a realistic Plan B. On the day before the wedding, if you have an intuition that weather might play its trick, then you can actually check with some nearby indoor venue whichever is available and go ahead and book them for the wedding day. Booking a venue will cost really less even if you book it just a day before, than booking at the last moment. You can also assign the coordinator the work to shift the venue and relax as everything could be managed seamlessly and stress-free.


Choose The Right Venue

If you are fixated on an outdoor wedding and you’re afraid that the weather may be unpredictable on the day of your wedding then you can actually go ahead and ask the budget wedding planners in mumbai to book a venue that provides both indoor and outdoor setting. It may be a bit costly but will save you much of the trouble.


Book A Tent

This is probably the easiest way to make your wedding waterproof. You can ask the tent vendor to provide you with some curtains that are waterproof and cover the outdoor wedding with it. Some vendors provide transparent curtains as well so that it doesn’t obstruct the view and will also save you and your guests from getting drenched.


Introduce Drinks

It’s boiling outside? Then you can actually introduce some drinks that’ll cool everyone down. This will ensure that everyone is well hydrated and enjoys the wedding rather than actually feeling all gloomy. You can also hand out some fans with the schedule and the menu printed on it and arrange a resting place for them to cool down in the burning sun.


Arrange Transport

Okay, suppose you’re having an indoor wedding but there is a storm outside and no-one shows up. This can be a harsh reality because guests might not be up for driving and probably be waiting for the storm to pass. So you must arrange for a convenient ride that can transfer the guests from the hotel to the venue.

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Bring Nature Inside

You can bring in some potted plants and flowers inside the venue. It’ll be a great addition as decor and will also work in bringing down the heat. You can also talk to a florist like from Lamouretfleurs and set a garden theme for the wedding that’ll look good and would give out a feel for an outdoor wedding.


Bring Along A Vanity Box

Now that you’ve taken care of all the guests it is time to discuss how you, as a bride or a groom, will cope with the weather. Heat and Humidity can really get in the way of looking your best on the day of your wedding. So, you must consider bringing a small touch up box that’ll come in handy to quickly fix the makeup.

These were some of the tips that’ll surely help you with planning a weatherproof wedding. No matter what happens, you must not lose your cool and enjoy yourself. You can actually fight the weather with just some good humor and wearing a smile on your face. Just like the marriage has it’s ups and downs, so might your wedding day, and that’s perfectly okay!