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10 Best Places To Visit In Switzerland For A Soul-Stirring Holiday



10 Best Places To Visit In Switzerland For A Soul-Stirring Holiday

Switzerland is a tiny country but the snow-laden Alps, lush green forest hills, dreamy castles, crystal clear lakes, and luxurious spa makes it the best place for a holiday in the world. The dreamy place makes the best tourist destination for couples. The country is a fairyland for all the honeymoon couples. This is the reason Switzerland witness huge visitors throughout the year be it summer or winter a good amount of tourist enjoy this spectacular place.

Switzerland is surrounded by beautiful and scenic places. The clean blue lakes and breathtaking panoramic mountain view should not be missed. Check out below the top 10 best tourist places in Switzerland to make the most during your trip to Swiss.

10 Best Tourist Places In Switzerland For An Amazing Holiday

 1. Jungfraujoch:

Breathe in the pure mountain air, indulge in adventure activities and witness the enchanting view. The peak of the 3 mountains Jungfrau, Monch, and Eiger are laden with milky white snow and gives a beautiful view of lush green Alpine paradise.

The place is the popular starting point for all the travel lovers, you can trip to the nearby towns of Grindelwald and Murren.  Indulge in different adventure activities like hiking and treat your eyes with panoramic views of the snow-laden mountain. Take a train trip and witness the magnificent peaks of Grindelwald-First and Schynige Platte.

2. Swiss National Park:

This beauty in Switzerland should not be missed for sure, the 172 square kilometers untouched beauty offers an excellent view of real Swiss. Treat your eyes with snowy glaciers, magnificent waterfalls, lush greenery, woodlands, and beautiful pastures. A great place to relax and witness beautiful nature.

Go hiking with your fellas, the Swiss National Park offers 21 hiking routes to walk through the green park. Get a glimpse of beautiful flora and if you are lucky, you can get a rare sight of ibexes, chamois, and even golden eagles. If you are on a honeymoon tour with your soulmate, you must check out this amazing park for sure with your partner.

3. Matterhorn:

This is the most photographed mountain peak for sure, Matterhorn is a famous peak top and a must visit attraction in Switzerland. The Matterhorn gloriously stands at 4,478 meters high and is surrounded by beautiful mountains. If you love hiking, you can dare to reach the summit else take a cable car and transit between Alps and Zermatt. Indulge in adventure sports like skiing, snowboarding, and hiking with your gang.

4. Chillon Castle:

The impressive Chillon Castle is located on a magnificent rock on the bank of beautiful Lake Geneva. This wonderful water castle is mostly visited tourist attraction in Switzerland.  Take a glimpse of 14th-century paintings, bedrooms, furniture. They are well preserved without losing their original form.

5. Lugano:

Lugano is a picturesque city which offers the best scenic view. The place has got everything, a scenic view, turquoise lake, and an amazing climate. Try boating and other adventurous water-based activities in Lake City. You can also sit and enjoy the spectacular view.

You can witness Italian influence in the Lugano, starting from the local language to rich Italian cuisine.  Lugano is a dream destination for all the art and heritage lovers, the place has a good number of heritage locations and museums which showcases the culture and art form.

6. Arosa:

If you are planning a trip to Switzerland during winters, Arosa should not be missed. It is one of the best and cool places to explore in Swiss. The ideal time to visit Arosa is during winter months, the snow-laden mountain peaks, white landscapes and fresh air attacks all the adventure enthusiasts for thrilling hiking tours. You can also explore different snow sports and activities during your stay.

7. The Rhine Falls:

Feel the roar and vibration of free water, Rhine falls at Swiss will surely surprise you with an enthralling experience. The waterfall is 23 meters high and 150 meters wide. You can reach the castles by taking a boat. A mighty rock stands in the middle, get a close view of natural beauty, the castles are worth a visit. There is also a viewing platform to get a beautiful view of Rhine Falls.

8. Lucerne:

Lucerne is popularly known as the founding city of Swiss.  A must visit the place, this place is famous for attracting tourist for centuries. In short, Lucerne is a delightful town which has very well preserved the history and spectacular sights.

When you are at Lucerne, don’t miss to explore Museggmauer, the 14th-century wall was built to safeguard the local people.  Visit the Mount Pilatus, the beautiful mountain peak overlooking Lucerne can be easily reached via cogwheel. A nice place to visit even during the sunny day.

9. Bern:

Many are not aware that Bern is Switzerland’s capital. You will see history at every nook and corner of Bern. The place is a stunning beauty and build on sandstone ridge and surrounded by the beautiful valley.  The city is linked by bridges to ensure connectivity. You can explore a lot here start with The Old Town, it is awarded as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The entire city reflects rich heritage and culture, you can parade through 17th and 18th century well preserved old town. Bern is a culture rich destination and remains in festive spirit throughout the year. The Winter Jazz Festivals, Buskers Festival are few fun-filled festivals which interest the visitors across the globe.

10. Interlaken:

It is a beautiful town which offers an incredible view of the valley. A great place to explore different sports and activities like skiing, hiking. This place is considered the adventure capital and witnesses a huge number of enthusiastic tourists.

These are 10 best tourist places in Switzerland for an amazing holiday experience with your loved one.  If you are planning a couple of trip, don’t forget to check these places have been covered on your honeymoon tour package.

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