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11 Factors to Consider Before Installing Asphalt Car Park



Installing an asphalt car park is a great way to provide your business with a convenient, attractive, affordable parking solution. But before you invest in asphalt, it’s essential to consider some key factors that will help ensure the best possible outcome. Let’s look at the significant points you should remember when deciding if an asphalt car park is suitable for your property. 

1. Moisture

Water is the number one aspect of asphalt car park construction. It is true when it comes to placement. To minimise problems caused by moisture, plan your project around the time of year when it rains the least. It is also critical that your asphalt pavement has adequate drainage (slope) to allow water to move off the surface and avoid pooling or standing water. A professional asphalt car park installation company’s paving workers can greatly help to inspect and maintain drainage on our projects. So, consider hiring professionals for the same.

2. Maintenance

Although most clients only consider maintenance once the project is finished, it is prudent to do so in advance. The experts will review the maintenance plan with you before the project starts, so you understand what it will take to create a high-quality surface that lasts up to 25 years.

3. Site Preparation

A strong subgrade base is the first stage in sustaining an asphalt pavement structure. Weak or poorly drained subgrades might shorten the life of your pavement by causing distresses to arise sooner than intended. Furthermore, frost-sensitive soils are a big challenge because of the severe winter temperatures. Contracrete workers may dig any inappropriate soils and replace them with high-quality subgrade soils for added strength, drainage, and frost resistance.

4. Vehicle Load

What kind of cars might you expect to see in your parking lot? The concreters propose asphalt layers thick enough to accommodate small automobiles and trucks if the facility is tiny. You can ask your concrete specialists to pave a broader part of parking lots that handle huge commercial vehicles, buses, and other large trucks to bear the weight of heavy vehicles. Traffic loads are crucial to pavement design and asphalt durability.

5. Best Mixture

While choosing an asphalt car parking project, ask whether your specialists can produce asphalt using a range of aggregates, liquids, and extra components. It provides versatility in a variety of applications. The asphalt mixture for parking lots should be well-graded. It keeps moisture from reaching the surface and creates a smoother, more attractive pavement.

6. Parking Size

Consider the parking lot’s proper proportions. The overall capacity of the building can be used to calculate the lot’s size and the number of lanes and spaces. There may be a mandated minimum size depending on the building’s square footage.

Divide the parking lot into aisles. Consider the size of the largest vehicle that will pass through the lot. If you chose a one-way space, your estimates should provide ample room for this vehicle. For a two-way aisle, the number should get roughly doubled.

7. Parking Layout

Ample parking space is an essential component of a decent parking lot. The standard dimension of a parking spot is 9×19 ft. You should have diversity if different sorts of automobiles arrive at the lot. A grocery shop can have everything from a little innovative vehicle to a considerable truck and anything in between. There should be a mix of smaller and larger areas on the land. If individuals need to carry items in their vehicles, consider making them broader. If you own a hardware business, you should have larger areas. By angling spaces at 45 degrees, reduce aisle width and add extra spots.

8. Materials Used 

The quality of the materials used in constructing your asphalt car park will make all the difference regarding its longevity and overall performance. Make sure you choose high-quality materials designed specifically for use in car parks – this will help ensure that your investment lasts as long as possible. Additionally, ensure that the business you pick has expertise working with these specific materials so that the project completes on time.

9. Design Features 

When designing your asphalt car park, consider how many vehicles it needs to accommodate and any features, such as lighting or drainage systems, that need to be included. Also, keep in mind any potential design features, such as speed bumps or painted arrows, that could help improve safety or efficiency within the space. It will help ensure that your parking lot meets all requirements while providing a pleasant user experience.   

10. Maintenance Plan 

Once your asphalt parking lot services in Melbourne gets completed, you must have a maintenance plan to ensure it looks good and functions well over time. Regular cleaning, sealing, filling cracks and potholes, and repainting lines every few years – are all things that need to be considered when planning maintenance costs and schedules over time. A good maintenance plan can help extend the life of your car park while also keeping it looking great year after year!  

11. Location 

The location of your asphalt car park is one of the first things that must be considered before construction begins. It should be in an area with plenty of space for cars and other vehicles to move freely and ample lighting for safety. Additionally, it should be located close enough to your business or building so customers can easily access it without walking too far. 

Roadseal Civil: Professional Asphalt Car Park Contractors 

Installing an asphalt car park is an excellent investment for any property – but there are several factors you should consider before taking on this project! From choosing quality materials and designing features for safety and efficiency to finding the perfect location and developing a solid maintenance plan – these steps will ensure you get the maximum benefit from your investment now and into the future! So get in touch with our professionals at Roadseal Civil for the best asphalt car park services in Melbourne if you’re ready to start planning your new car park!