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15 Cool Travel Gear and Gadgets Every Traveler Must Have for Any Trip



Cool Travel Gear and Gadgets

Travelling is all fun and games till you come across an inconvenience. It is always a good idea to double or maybe triple check the list of items you are carrying before you set out on a trip. You would need to see if you have an Internet connection. In case, you are traveling within the states. The Internet issue sorted, next you need to focus on all the gadgets that you will need.

To help you, we have made a list of all the gadgets that you would most likely need.

Universal Plug Adapter

You can’t do much without charging your phone, your laptop or any other gadget that you are carrying. There was a time when travelers had to carry gazillion different adapters. This was to make sure that anyone from the sea of adapters would fit in the sockets of the country that they are traveling to. This exercise used to get very frustrating. And rightfully so. However, now the travelers do not have to worry about any such inconvenience. Because universal plug adapters are now a thing. You can call them the all-in-one adapters. They come with built-in extenders.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

The noise canceling headphones are indeed a blessing in disguise. When on a holiday, no one wants to deal with the unwanted noise. A trip or a vacation is a time to relax. To meditate, perhaps. The unwanted noises make it almost impossible to enjoy. These headphones can help you while traveling too. Just wear a pair and you can get a good sleep. They can be a very good way of conveying to the others that you are not up for socializing, for times that you actually aren’t.

USB Flash Drive

A USB can come in handy on numerous occasions. For example, if you lose your e-ticket, you can always get a printout through the saved version. There can be various occasions when you would want to access your photo or something similar. But you might not have access to the Internet too. In that case, USB will come in handy.

Portable Phone Charger

Imagine you clicking some artsy pictures with your smartphone camera, and the battery dies. To save yourself from frustrations like these, you should invest in a portable phone charger. However, you will have to charge this charger as well. But not as frequently as you would have to charge your mobile.

Car Charger

In case, you plan to rent a car, carry a car charger or adapter with you as well. Because recharging your things via traveling from one place to another is always a better option. As you might not get many accessible charging points in the restaurants or shopping malls that you visit. And even if you do, you would not want to stick to one place for minutes.

Weatherproof Phone Case

This is also an essential gadget as you would not want to lose your mobile to the bad weather. Whether it is rain or scorching heat, both can prove to be harmful to smartphones. Therefore, invest in a weatherproof phone case and protect your valuable possession from any harm.


Apart from carrying your smartphone, you should also carry a tablet with you. You should underestimate the advantages of carrying one. This is because you might feel like reading a newspaper or magazine. The apps are now so cool that you get all the updates from them. And the size of the tablet is convenient enough to carry and offers a good reading experience as well. 2-in-1.

Solar Charger

You will benefit from it a lot if you are traveling to a sunny place. The charger will provide you with an unlimited amount of charging if it’s solar. And you won’t even have to struggle to find a port to charge the charger as well. As is the case with portable chargers. These are in particular most suitable for travelers who know that they will spend a major portion of their time away from ports. These include climbers, hikers, and bikers.

Sun/Insect Repellant Shirt

Who knew that the world would come to a day where sun/insect repellant shirts will be a thing. Well as surprising as it might sound, it is true. And this is one of the most valuable investments that you should make. Investing in this shirt would mean that you do not have to carry insect repellant sprays or a plethora of sunblocks. Life hasn’t been simpler.

Travel Drone

If you are a sucker for high-quality pictures, you should invest in a travel drone. The angles from which you will view the place that you are visiting with this drone will be unlimited. And the pictures, as well as the videos, will leave the people astonished.

Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

A lot of effort and worry goes into figuring out the exact amount of luggage that one is carrying. Because if you end up carrying more than what is allowed, you will have to go through an inconvenient experience at the airport. A digital hanging luggage scale tells you the exact weight. Hence, saving you from all the hassle.

Cord Organizer

You do not want to end up spending the most time on your trip untangling wires. Therefore, invest in a cord organizer. It allows you to place all your wire-y belongings in different sections or compartments. In that case, they never come into contact with each other. And you have a frustration-free trip.

Travel Iron

Apart from being cute, these iron are so feasible to carry. You cannot rely on the hotel or the motel to give you laundry and ironing services. They can be expensive. So, you should save that money and invest in a travel iron. It is lightweight and too easy to carry. You can easily put it in your hand carry as well. And iron your clothes whenever you wish to.

Travel Makeup Mirror

The ladies would agree just how essential it is to carry a portable makeup mirror with them. The guys won’t understand but it is a necessity. Because one does not always get access to mirrors. And the front cameras of the smartphones do not do the job.

Smart Suitcase

When almost everything is becoming smart, why would the suitcases lag behind? Smart suitcases imply that you can check where your bags are via your smartphone. You can even check how heavy your bag is or if someone opened it or not. Moreover, some smart suitcases even allow the owners to charge devices via a USB connection. You can even choose to put tracking devices inside your smart suitcase.

This means that you do not have to rely on people for giving you information regarding your luggage. Just like you do not have to rely on HughesNet Customer service or the like to get information these days. The websites pretty much have it all.

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