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15 Food Destinations Around the World



Food Destinations

Everyone’s mum cooks the best food in the universe and we can’t argue that same way no one on earth can deny the fact that he or she doesn’t like delicious and mouth-watering cuisines. Every time you’ve gone on a vacation, you’ll notice that the food experience has had an impact on your overall travel experience. Traveling well and eating well go very well together. It’s part of the experience to taste the sushi in Tokyo, the pasta and sparkling wine in Italy or the Chakalaka in South Africa. Let’s begin! Don’t get too excited though this is not a rating but a collection of places with the best food in no particular order.

New York

Most of the popular foods in the USA originated from other countries- pizza is Italian, fries are Belgium or Dutch, Hamburger is German. New York City gathers all the other cuisines together. You can get absolutely anything you want here.

Eat: Mac & cheese, Ceaser salad, burger, cheesecake, steaks, chocolate chip cookies, cobb salad, clam powder.

Drink: beer, Starbucks coffee, whiskey.

Restaurant: Boucherie union square, Lincoln square steak, Broadway bagels


This island is also a great culinary destination. You no longer need reservations at top restaurants to dine in Hawaii. Food trucks grace the streets here bringing new flavors of food and great eating options everywhere on the island. Hawaii serves the best cocktails ever!

Eat: poi, laulau, kalua, poke, spam musubi, cellphone noodles

Drink: coconut mojito, mai tai, daiquiri, mimosa, long island ice tea

Restaurant: Rapa Nui Cicina, Teshima’s restaurant, Senia

Mexico city

A little bit of everything is present in Mexican cuisine. It is a blend of various European dishes especially Spanish. From the well-known tacos to the enchiladas to the Greek salad and so much more. Mexican cuisines are super nutritious and very healthy.

Eat: chili con carne, tacos, guacamole, quesadilla, enchiladas, empanadas, beans, burritos, carnitas

Drink: margarita, tequila.

Resturants: Pujol, limosneros, sir Winston Churchill’s


Everyone loves French fries so you should not be surprised France features among the top food countries. Cuisines taught in culinary schools across the globe usually have French origin. The staple food in France is cheese.

France is a gourmet capital. All the best seller foods you can think of come from France- macaroni, baguettes, French fries and so on.

Croissant with a little cup of coffee is a signature breakfast in France. France has very fine wine and the newly opened wine museum is worth a visit. It’s safe to call France a foodie’ s paradise.

Eat: Charcuterie, Roquefort, tartar, bouillabaisse, Croque- monsieur

Drink: red wine ( for meat), white wine (for fish) and rose wine( For a calm Sunday). It’s wine and more mine all the way in France.

Restaurants: Maison lamellose, Le Cinq, Epicure, La Bécane à Gaston


El Celler de Can Roca, a restaurant in Spain was ranked first in the world’s Best 50 Restaurants 2015. Spain’s food culture is everything. It’s safe to say their culture is based around and sometimes inside the food. Every single foodie must be knowledgeable about Spanish food. Spanish cuisine adopts the style of the Roman empire.

Spaniards cook their food with such great passion like they are performing the Flamenco dance.

Did you know that 90% of the world’s olive oil is made in France? I bet you didn’t know that or maybe you did. Olive oil is the best oil around so that’s a lot of health in Spanish cuisine.

Eat: Jamon Iberico, Churros, Gazpacho, Paella, Tapas.

Drink: Sangria, beer

Restaurants: Orobianco Ristorante, soup bowls, Arzak, El Celler de Can Roca


This country is primarily known as ‘cheese and chocolate’ destination. This country has three different cultures intersect: The Italian, the French, and German making it difficult to characterize Swiss cuisines.

Eat: La Fonde, Les Rostis, La Longeole, Chocolate

Drink: Rivella, Absinthe, and fine wine

Restaurant: Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville Dr. Crissier, Chaval Blanc by Peter kngol


Thais fit spicy, sour, salty, sweet, chewy, crunchy and slippery in one dish. They combine so many herbs and spices in each dish producing complex flavors. Thailand like many other Asian cuisines cooks rice as a basic ingredient for the majority of their dishes. The word “food” in Thai literally means “to eat rice”. Their dishes have five main tastes found in other foods across the world.

Eat: Tom Yam Goong, Massaman curry, Som Tam, Pla Som, Pad Thai

Drink: Thailand has so many fine breweries so just drink as much wine as you can. The stronger the better. Sang Som which is the local rum distilled from sugarcane is a good strong choice.

Restaurants: Thai restaurant, Peppercorn Avenue


The popularity of Greece can also be attributed to their cooking apart from their historical background. Greek cuisine is the magic of olive oil lashings. They are amongst the largest exporters of olive oil. Eating in Greece is like eating history itself.

Eat:  Greek salads, roast meat, lentil soup, Spanakopita, Gyros, Lachanorizo, Souvlaki, Mousaka

Drink: Ouzo, Tsipouro

Restaurant: Lycabettus, Aleria restaurant, Tudor hall


If you’re a vegetarian foodie then you should definitely go to India. India combines spices to give delicious mouth-watering dishes that you’ll hardly or never notice there’s meat in the food. India offers more often spicy vegetarian food because cows are sacred to them. This country deserves lots of accolades for consistently making vegetarian food taste great and frequently being named the best cuisine in the world. In India, meals mainly rely on religious groups. Muslims eat only Halal meals. Traditionally, every meal is accompanied by Naan bread. Rice is one of the basic ingredients of Indian cuisine as well.

Eat: Dal, Dosa, Chai, Balti chicken, Paneer butter Masala, Aloo Gobi

Drink: Masala tea, kingfisher beer, old monk rum

Restaurant: Taj restaurant.


Sushi could be the only reason to vacate in Japan. Japanese cuisine can never be mistaken, it is one of its kind. Their cuisine centers about their indigenous culture and traditions, no surprise they are making the whole world eat with chopsticks instead of forks and knives. Japanese usually serve their good with traditional rice wine- sake which tastes more like vodka instead of wine. Sake is usually served hot! You’d have to be careful with this wine, drink carefully and slowly. White rice is their staple good and is combined with other dishes for a complete meal.

Eat: Tempura, Wagashi, Unagi, Tonkatsu, Miso soup, sushi, and sashimi

Drink: Yakitori, sake, beer, tea

Restaurants: Sushi Saito, tapas molecular bar, Hakunsh Teppanyaki


It is easier to enjoy Italian cuisine than talk about it. This list isn’t complete if Italy isn’t included. Italian dishes are a favorite for most people. Show me someone who doesn’t like pizza, that’s right- almost nobody. Pizza originated from Italy and it serves as either a meal or snack for almost everyone in the world. Italian cuisine is a blend of different colors and a taste you can never forget. Italy speaks pasta! The secret of the Indian cuisine does not lie in the sophistication of the preparation but in the freshness of the products. Want to have sparkling wine? Italy is the place for you. A wine tasting trip will reveal a whole new world of wine you didn’t imagine was out there.

Eat: Ragu alla bolognese (spaghetti bolognaise), Caprese, Pizza, buffalo mozzarella, risottos, Pasta, Panna cotta.

Drink: cappuccino, espresso, red wine, white wine, sparkling wine

Restaurant: Boutique Hotel Ristorante Don Alphonso, Seta, Touch bristò Toscano


There is so much diversity in the Chinese menu to leave you in awe. The same artistry and engineering applied in developing beautiful products are also displayed in their culinary skills. Their good displays their cultural heritage. Chinese cuisine is pretty much everywhere but beware of Chinese food outside China. The people of China greet each other with “have you eaten yet?”

Eat: soy puff, Tofu, noodles, bird’s nest soup, Choy Suey,  dim sum, xiaolongbao

Drink: Tea or Chinese beer.

Restaurants: Jumbo kingdom, café de coral, West lake restaurant, jumbo kingdom, star seafood floating restaurant.


Melbourne Food and Wine festival is all the reason you need to be in Australia.  It’s so much fun and it’s worth more than the hype. Book your tickets early because they get sold out fast. The festival lasts for 17days in March. It is an opportunity to meet culinary superstars all over the world, learn how to create sumptuous dishes. Least I forget, these culinary superstars prepare various mouthwatering dishes for participants to sample.

The crawl ‘n’ bite event takes guests on a guided tour of three of the city’s hottest restaurants to enjoy a signature small plate and a perfectly matched drink.

Sissies don’t have a strong history of culinary traditions but their unexpected features in eating habits will surprise you.

Eat: vegemite, cheesy mite, scroll, fairy bread, Melbourne chicken.

Drink: beer, wine, Billy tea

South Africa

Africa isn’t left out as a culinary destination. South Africa offers a lot of varieties from a blend of Afrikaner, Zulu and Indian origin.

Eat: chakalaka, potjiekos-vetkoek, mei lie, boerewors, bitlong, sosasties

Drink: umqombothi, spring bokkie, amasi, witblits

Restaurants: Oscillate wildly, Provenance, friend’s restaurant, Orana


Please do not overlook London as a culinary destination as most people do. London is the world’s capital and offers a wide collection of international food choices, a dining experience like no other country. London is one of the largest cities in the world so you can be sure to find any cuisine imaginable there plus it has more than five hundred tea spots in the afternoon.

Eat: Bangers and smash, Yorkshire pudding, ploughman’s lunch, cottage pie

Drink: satan whiskers, zombie, gin martini, koji hardshake,

Restaurant: the Ledbury, Bright, Oliveria Organic vegetarian kitchen, Bar 61 restaurant, Core by Clare Smyth


This is our opinion of places with the best food in the world. Their culinary options are outstanding. It was very hard picking out these 15 places. Feel free to share your culinary vacation with us.

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