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4 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Caguas, Puerto Rico



4 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Caguas, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has produced some of the world’s most beautiful title holders. Having equally charming landscapes and natural attractions don’t come as a surprise. Caguas, founded in the late 18th century, is a city along Puerto Rico’s Central Mountain Range. Caguas lives by many names, such as La Ciudad Criolla or the Creole City and the El Valle del Turabo, or the Turabo Valley. The city and municipality is now Puerto Rico’s largest urban center. The city thrives in industries of bedding, clothing, electronics, glass, leather manufacturing, tobacco processing, and diamond cutting. Tourism is another stable industry, as the city has so much to offer.


Exploring the City

4 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Caguas, Puerto Rico

The city is reachable by car from the cities of Ponce and San Juan. Just 20-40 miles from the bigger cities, guests can expect a travel time of 20-90 minutes from the region’s main cities and airports. As in most of Puerto Rico, public transportation is limited to Jitney type taxis known as Carro Publicos. Before riding the taxi cabs, make sure to tell the driver about your destination for a smooth transaction.


Accommodation Tips

4 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Caguas, Puerto Rico

Excellently located on the city’s southern edge, The Four Points Sheraton hotel is a favorite among Caguas’s tourists. The hotel features a restaurant by the pool, kiddie pools, and rooms that have hot tubs and spacious living areas. The place also features a casino. Although it is a luxury hotel, it is by far cheaper than the nearby Hotel Treasure Island, which is an amusement park and lodging place in one. For cheaper options, choose the San Miguel Plaza Hotel instead, a real diamond in the rough. For less than a hundred dollars, guests can make use of the indoor pool, fitness facilities, complimentary breakfasts, and shuttle transfers to and from the airport. Another option is the Embassy Suites San Juan Hotel & Casino. Though the rooms are cheap, the fares back and forth in this part of town aren’t. Book your Caguas Hotels with


Tourist Attractions

4 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Caguas, Puerto Rico

Built in the 18th century, the ruins of the Catedral El Dulce Nombre de Jesus have been frequented by devout pilgrims of Saint Charlie, the first Puerto Rican Saint. The well-preserved Casa Alcadia has been the city’s center and makes an interesting architectural stopover. Located in the town’s old section, a stop along Plaza Palmer is included in many of the tourist’s itineraries. In the Plaza, guests will see the city’s landmark clock, and a statue of the poet that helped Caguas rise to fame, Jose Guatier Benitez. Other attractions include the Santiago Palmer Plaza and the Botanical Garden of Caguas.


Best Museums

4 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Caguas, Puerto Rico

The Tobacco Museum Herminio Torres Grillo, located at the intersection of Luis Padial and Raman Emeterio Betances, opens from Wednesdays to Sundays for historical tours. Guests will be introduced to the set-up, where workers are shown enrolling and processing tobacco. The Museum of Art Puerto Rico boasts of permanent collections from local and international artists. On display are priceless paintings, sculptures, and murals that depict the lifestyle of Puerto Ricans. Other interesting and large scale museums include Museo del Deporte, Museo de Pablo Casals, and Museo de Vida Silvestre de San Juan.

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