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485 Graduate Visa Australia- Extend your stay after your Studies!



Are you an international student who completed his studies in Australia? Want to stay in Australia longer to get a better education and work experience? With the 485 Temporary Graduate Visa, you can make this happen.

This Temporary Graduate Visa is for overseas students who want to stay in Australia after finishing their degree. With this, you can stay in this country, study, and look for work right after you graduate.

What is 485 Visa Australia?

When your studies are finished, you can live in Australia and begin a new life there with the 485 Visa, often known as a Temporary Graduate Visa.

Two distinct categories of visas exist.

  • Graduate Work 485 Stream
  • Post-study work 485 Stream

Your visa type will determine your length of stay in Australia. A few changes were made to the post-study work visa by the Australian government not too long ago.

Eligibility Criteria for 485 Visa Australia

To be eligible for 485 visas, you must meet several requirements.

  1. You must be a student in Australia for at least the last 9 months
  2. When processing, you must have a valid visa.
  3. You must have enough health insurance till the end of your visa.
  4. You’ve passed a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or doctorate that is on the (CRICOS) Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students.
  5. Your qualifications must either:
  • Related to a job on the list of skilled occupations (Work Stream)
  • Degree from an Australian institute (post-study Work Stream).
  1. Your age must be below 50 years
  2. It is mandatory to pass the English Competency Test.
  3. Must have taken the course for at least two years (92 weeks).
  4. There must have been at least 16 calendar months between the start of the course and its completion.
  5. You must file your Form 485 within six months of the date you finished your course.
  6. You may also need to get your skills and qualifications approved by an industry body.

Graduate Visa Australia – Processing Time

The 485 Visa Processing time depends on the stream that how long it will take to process. The Graduate Work Stream takes 10 to 12 months to process an application. And it takes between 9 and 11 months to process an application for the Post Study Work Stream.

Temporary 485 Graduate Visa New Rules

For the coming 12 months (until June 30, 2023,) anyone who has held a Student visa (Subclass 500) and met the Australian study criteria can apply for a 485 Temporary Graduate Visa without having to do a skills assessment or choose a job from the skilled occupation list.

The applicant must have passed the course criteria for a minimum of 2 years of study (92 weeks). These qualifications could be a degree, certificate, or diploma from a trade school.

The individual who desires to apply must also do so within six months of finishing the course and before June 30, 2023.

Stay in Australia with a 485 Graduate Visa

If you applied for your 485 Graduate Visa Australia through the Graduate Work Stream, the length of your stay could be 19 months from when it was granted. If you applied for a 485 graduate visa through the Post-Study Work Stream, you could get your visa for up to two to four years.

The Temporary Graduate Visa is an excellent way to stay in Australia longer and increase your chances of getting a permanent or temporary skilled visa.

Benefits of the 485 Graduate Visa Australia

The applicant is granted a 485 Visa Australia; they can enjoy many benefits.

To get a positive response for the 485 Visa, the individual must send in all the required information. If the application for a subclass 485 visa isn’t made right, it might not be approved.

After getting a subclass 485 Graduate Australia visa,

  • The applicant and their family can come to Australia and live there for the time allowed.
  • During this time, the applicant can go back and forth from Australia as often as they want.
  • The individual can live in the country, study, and work there.
  • The individual can apply for the PR in Australia.


485 Visa Australia is a great option for students who wish to extend their stay in Australia after graduation. Additionally, it can be use to assist those seeking permanent residence.

After completing the post-study 485 stream, students may stay in Australia for 2-4 years and gain a job. Your experience will also directly impact the skilled points tests for PR. Occupational guidelines must be follow.

If you hold a student visa in Australia and want to stay longer, apply for the 485 Visa Graduate Australia. Applying for a 485 Graduate Visa can be difficult for anyone. Contact us at The Migration if you need professional help. We will assist you in getting the visa without hurdles.