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5 Things You Should Know While Moving from the US To Europe 



Moving to a new country usually comes with a lot of excitement. It also triggers anxiety, especially if it’s your first time. Moving to Europe from the US has its thrills and frills. You look forward to meeting new friends, getting into a new culture, settling in your new home, visualizing the environment, and so on. 

Your excitement about going abroad may fizzle out if you don’t take the time to plan your journey. You need to figure out the travel requirements and things that would make your stay comfortable.   

If you must fulfill your dream of moving to Europe – and without hitches, here are some things you should know before proceeding.  

Work Out Your Visa 

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Your visa is the most significant thing you should think about moving from the US to Europe – it’s your passport to that country. You must know what visa you qualify for before applying. Many people have been denied their visa applications because they couldn’t meet the visa requirements. Knowing what visa you’re qualified to have will make your application easy.  

If you’re staying beyond six months, you may require a student visa or a work visa. Check with the immigration service of the host country you’re moving to, or get an immigration agent to assist you in filling out the forms. 


To apply for a visa, you must have a valid international passport. If you have any supporting documents showing why you’re visiting the new country, attach them to your application. 

Decide Which Country to Settle 

Europe is a continent. It is pertinent to decide which country you want to settle in. Although the European Union EU countries have several things in common, their visa requirements may vary.  

If you’re going to reside long-term in Europe, you’ll need to know how to go about it so that you don’t get stuck or repatriated when you get to your destination.

If you do not have a pre-determined country or city of residence, do a quick research to find out which country offers the best conditions for your stay, whether to work or study. Or ask people who have been there before to guide you.  

Some things to consider in choosing a country include climate, cost of living, healthcare facilities, language, culture, etc. Before deciding which country to reside in, you should consider your personal preferences, family, age, interests, and others.  

Your Budget 

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Deciding to move abroad is usually a long-term plan. You must have saved some money or had access to cash before traveling abroad. While applying for your visa, you must show evidence of savings or access to funds. 


The amount of cash you have determines how you survive abroad. Whether a student or a job seeker, you need money to run your daily expenses. 


You have to make a living before getting a new job. You may have to open a new bank account as well. Keep in mind that settling down in a new country might be expensive. 


Cost of Living 

While deciding to move to Europe, you should remember that some European countries are more expensive than others, while some are more difficult than the rest. This will help you in choosing where to reside. 


One thing you must know is the cost of housing in Europe. Some countries offer cheap and affordable houses. Some parts of Western Europe are said to be cheaper to live in. 


Transportation is another factor to consider when moving to Europe. Although most European countries have a well-developed transportation system, some are better organized. Coming from the US to Europe means you expect some level of decency and organization in public transportation.  

Healthcare delivery is another concern. You should know what health insurance policies are available to foreigners.  

 Know About Their Culture 


Cultural differences exist among countries of the world. Transiting from the US to Europe means getting acquainted with a new culture. No matter how much research you do about a people, you will experience culture shock.  

Before you move over to a new country, study its culture. Understand what beliefs, myths, religion, and language of the people so that you don’t offend their sensibilities.  

Because you must integrate once you arrive, you should know how to interact with them. Know common phrases they use in greeting.  


Europe and America may share some common cultural values such as arts, music, and films; however, Europe may have what they refer to as a shared cultural heritage. 


Journeying to Europe from the US is a serious business. It requires weeks, if not months, of preparations. Knowing what to expect on arrival is crucial because it can cause a big problem if you don’t do the right things before departing your home country. 

 No matter how conducive your new home is, you will always know you’re in a foreign country. You must learn how to prepare for life abroad and make the necessary adjustments.  

If you take the proper steps and do the right things, you’ll find life in Europe more pleasurable and fulfilling than you thought