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5 Wellness Destinations to Visit and Charge Your Batteries



5 Wellness Destinations to Visit and Charge Your Batteries

From time to time, anyone deserves a vacation where they can completely rest and pamper themselves. After all, the world isn’t slowing down and you need your strength to keep up with it and bring new ideas to the table. However, while going to the spa in your city may help, you will need more to relax from a strenuous work schedule and projects.

For that, you will have to treat yourself with a trip to one of the wellness destinations of the world that will certainly charge your batteries and clear your mind. Moreover, you will also have an opportunity to see new places and experience different cultures which will enhance your travel experience and maybe give you new ideas. Since now is the right time to be looking at wellness destinations, here are some suggestions that you should definitely consider.


  • Switzerland

Switzerland is a wellness destination that will not only charge your batteries but also give you a full body and mind detox. Chosen as one of the best 2019 wellness destinations, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is focused on improving your sleep which approaches the problem studiously and meticulously.

Once here, you must see the glorious Matterhorn mountain while hiking the Edelweiss Trail which is a moderately easy hike. This is a perfect way to enjoy wonderful Swiss panorama and take a break in one of the huts on the way. However, besides peaceful walks and hikes in the green hills and mountainous regions of Switzerland, you will also find thermal spas and baths.


  • Greece


Greece has one of the most beautiful seas in the Mediterranean region with amazing retreats to spend summer at like Rhodes or Crete and try some exciting watersports. But amazing blue water and cocktails on the beach are not the only things this country has to offer. If you come here during the off-season period you will be surprised by the myriad of activities like hiking, yoga and spa treatments.

One of the wellness destinations to put on the list should definitely be Euphoria retreat which offers a wide range of fitness and yoga activities. Its cuisine and programs are focused to cleanse the body from piled up stress and help you reach spiritual peace. However, Greece is full of mountainous regions that are perfect for hiking or climbing like Sifnos by the Monastery of Panagia Toso Nero and Kythira where you can visit Filippi watermill.


  • Sweden


In Sweden, they value their peace and tranquility so much that they have a spa tradition which is over 300 years old. For them, spas are an ideal way to relax and manage the hectic work schedules of the modern age. Traditional spa in Sätra Brunn, Varbergs Kurort and Lundsbrunn countryside are among the most popular and luxurious in the country.

Being that Sweden is really dedicated to the environment and preservation of its natural beauties, you will find gorgeous landscapes to hike. Kungsleden or the Jung’s Trail is 270 miles long which is divided into points for those who don’t want to hike the whole length. The best time for this hike is July to September when nature is in full bloom and you will feast your eyes on mountainous view and green slopes.


  • Tasmania

Beautiful environment of Tasmania makes it an ideal place to have a wellness trip. Through guided walks of Tasmania, you will experience one of the cleanest airs in the world, lavish rainforests, and crystal ocean water.  Bay of Fires is a wonderful place to spend a day with its pearly beaches, waterfalls and amazing marine life to meet while snorkeling.

Island Health & Wellness Centre in Tasmania’s capital Hobart will offer a wide range of massages and acupuncture that will revive your body. If you want a full spa experience then  Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge is a comfortable place with numerous walking trails, sauna, and fly-fishing. The most exclusive wellness center in Tasmania is Aspect Tamar Valley Resort where you can golf, enjoy a luxurious spa or have a stroll by the lake.


  • India


India is full of Ayurvedic therapies that use natural remedies and practices to clean the body of stress and its consequences. Wildflower Hall Spa combines Ayurvedic medicine with fitness for optimal results. However, since India created yoga, it would be a shame to miss an opportunity to meet its gurus and attend classes at one of the centers.

The most popular studio in Goa region is Bamboo Yoga situated which offers a variety of programs to fit any profile. If you want something more refined and secluded, than award-winning Ananda in the Himalayas is a perfect choice. Situated among the magnificent Indian nature with Ganga River and Sal Forests, this is a place not only to practice yoga but also rediscover yourself in tranquility.

Besides yoga, India has numerous temples, culturally rich traditions and colorful environment that will enhance your wellness adventure. Badrinath Temple near Alaknanda River is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and belongs to the four Chota Char Dham pilgrimage sites in Indian culture. And if you want to see unique Indian architecture, you should visit Brihadeeswara Temple, the largest one in India made completely out of granite.


Busy world is full of excitement, but sometimes it’s wise to take a break and charge your batteries. Find the best wellness destination that will fit your personality and needs and go on your adventure. Just a few days of rest will help you come up with new ideas, and a week will give you the strength to make them come true.


Nina is a digital nomad, yoga aficionado and a travel enthusiast with a distinctive taste for home decor. She's passionate about learning new things and sharing meaningful ideas.