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6 Thrilling Things To Do When In Australia



6 Thrilling Things To Do When In Australia

Most tourists go abroad to see well-known sights, lie on the sand and visit historic sites. But what if you are not one of them? If you are interested in adding variety to your holiday in Australia — welcome!

1 Surfing

Naturally, it is worth starting with the most popular type of active recreation in Australia — surfing. The continent is washed by two oceans, the beaches here are just magical. And, of course, the waves are impressive.

Nowhere in the world is there such a concentration of surf spots any more than here — about 1,400 for the whole country. It’s nice that you can go surfing in Australia in almost any major city, you won’t have to go far. Right in Sydney, there are some great places to catch a wave.

For professional surfers, a place called Shark Island is suitable; high waves are rising here. For beginners fit Byron Bay and Newcastle, there is easier to swim. In Australia everyone can learn how to surf: instructors everywhere offer their services, and you can rent a board.

2 Diving in the Great Barrier Reef

This Reef is the world’s biggest aggregation of corals with a region of 350 thousand square kilometers and a length of in excess of 2500 km, comprising of nine hundred coral islands! That reef extended along the east shoreline of Australia.

The most ideal path for you to investigate the reef is jumping (on the coast various visit administrators that give scuba plunging courses). You will contemplate dolphins, green turtles, reef sharks, multiple and a half thousand distinct types of fish and four thousand types of mollusks.

3 Visit the Melbourne Cup races

The Melbourne Cup is called “horse racing that stops the nation.” Every year on the first Tuesday of November, residents of Victoria receive a day off to go to the famous Flemington Racecourse and see the race of the most famous horses from all over the planet. And those who could not attend the live race, go to the pubs and watch them on TV. Every Australian’s duty that day is to put a few dollars on one of the horses.

4 Swim with dolphins

Doesn’t every day you have the opportunity to feed and swim with dolphins on the high seas? In Australia, you can do it everywhere. The most famous places are the tourist resort of Monkey Mia and Shark Bay. Monkey Mia is located 800 km north of Perth in Western Australia. Every day large flocks of dolphins swim to the coast to play with people. And they line up in long queues to feed the animals.

5 Cruise on the river with crocodiles

Perhaps the most interesting of all extreme entertainment is to swim along the river with crocodiles that reach seven meters. If you float with an organized group, the guides will organize additional entertainment for you — feeding crocodiles.

Believe me — it’s worth it when a piece of meat is thrown into the mouth of a seven-meter monster, and he, this seven-meter monster begins to tear him to shreds — a sight not for the faint of heart! Along with this adventure, you can also chill on the cruise by arranging a party on Sydney Harbour, one of the most happening cruises in Australia.

6 See the Tasmanian Devil Dance

The Tasmanian Devil is the pride of Australia. It is curious that its population remained only on Tasmania Island. These animals are famous for being able to tear down almost any animal, even a predator, and at night makes monstrous ominous screams. In order to find out why this little animal is called “the devil”, you should visit one of the national parks.