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6 Top Mainland Cities in Spain that you Need to Visit



6 Top Mainland Cities in Spain that you Need to Visit

What’s up this beautiful morning? Get the feel of fresh air! But hey wait.

It’s all smog! Where did fresh air go?

Seems like it went hiking. And so, you should go too!

All the city dust and particles are making my nose tingle more than ever. But what place to visit without getting victimize to such a state?

Keep thinking but I’ve got an answer for you.  Hola Spain!

Yes, yes I know it’s not smoke-free either but, this country particularly intrigues me for its landscape and climate. You see, being a European you get prone to cold climate, so you want a bit change of taste of the atmosphere. And Spain tourism is a perfect example of a great change.

Spain is so much different than the rest of Europe. Having a much milder climate this country offers natural landforms and exotic city lifestyles making it a perfect tourist spot.

If you are a fan of experimenting delicacies along the way, then yeah you got the right coordinates.

Why not take a look into worlds most visited cities of Spain?

6 Mainland Cities of Spain

Spain is a premium country with its rich culture and heritage and with best works in the form of eccentric art style architectural buildings. Let take a deep look into the most famous mainland;

  1. Hola Madrid

Skipping the capital city will not justify your traveling to Spain at all.

Madrid is like New York for Americans and London for Londoners. It’s all on the same page but in a different country.

The rush hour never seems to take a day break but at evening the city offers an amazing sunset view at certain angles in alleys and streets that makes it looks like the city is being showered by golden rays of sunlight hitting just right.

The city is always growing and expanding its horizons in each direction. Best time to visit this capital city is mostly during November or in early spring (as it has dry and hot summers).

  1. Heartily Granada

It won’t do justice if we don’t count this beautiful and amazingly historical city of Granada. The grand city offers high historical facts in its natural preservation of buildings. Not any typical structures but consisting of Islamic Moorish historical structures that are tales of their own.

Set at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, this city is favorite to many travelers for its diverse history and heritage.

The legendary city has a mighty Alhambra Palace with secret gardens designed in every corner. The view is simply breathtaking. And the top city view at Sacramento is one the best top city views you can ever get to see.

  1. Grand Cordoba

Yet another prime example of Islamic heritage this city used to be the capital to Umayyad dynasty back in 720 A.D. with its natural mountainous defenses was a beating heart for an Islamic caliphate and also home to Roman history as well.

This city is infused deeply in triangular cultures and prehistoric norms and festivals that you’ll get to enjoy while being there.

The cathedrals, mosques, Roman bridge and the Christian gardens highlight the tourist spots. You’ll feel like you are back in historic times and everything seems to stop there.

  1. Luxury in Seville

A heavenly contrast of perfect weather and amazing food, this city simple works wonders on you.

Quite popular for an array of meals this city offers, you have to enjoy all the traditional dishes.

And the breakfasts?

The items in breakfast bars are simple and yet mouthwatering with steaming rich coffee flavors. For the most authentic tapas try Feria market. Besides the tasty bites, flamenco dances can be seen easily on the streets. And you can learn a trick or two!

  1. Sunny San Sebastian

Are you planning a romantic holiday or a Spain family holidays getaway? If yes, then this location has one of the best beaches in sight. Famous for its old village town and the beaches this city is one of the best in Spain.

The main attraction point to all tourists, this place has some exquisite resorts and hotels offering a great number of amenities with best views. Get your body summer tanned!

  1. Upside Bilbao

A port city regenerated for tourism is a new dawn for Spain. famous for its museums and gastronomy there are pretty terrific art structures waiting for you to be discovered.

There are so many hip coastline views you can marvel at all day long. This northern side of Basque Country has the best collection displayed throughout the city. Why not take a bike ride by yourself and stroll the streets on your own?

Travel with an open heart and open yourself to a new culture and norms for a fresh intake of breath.