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6 Ways to Speedup Time While Traveling for Long Hours



6 Ways to Speedup Time While Traveling for Long Hours

Whether for work, vacation, or simply for the love of globetrotting, you are bound to spend long hours traveling. However amazing and exciting, long journeys can also be overwhelming and sometimes even boring. Below we shared six most effective ways to pass time when you’re anxiously waiting to get to the desired destination.

1. Read

Before you get excited about finishing those novels you never got around to do while home, make sure you’re not one of many travelers who get motion sickness. If not, read on, my friend. Reading books is a productive way of passing your time during a journey, so add a couple of books from your to-read list to your backpack or download them on your Kindle before hitting the road.


However, be careful with picking the genre and author– this is going to be your travel companion, you don’t want it to be too philosophical, too love-hate, or too unknown. Go with the familiar authors and safe genres in order to ensure an enjoyable atmosphere while getting to and from. In case you’re not a bookworm, or you forgot to pack up your Kindle or paperbacks, don’t worry – airplane magazines or online news portals will serve just about the same.

2. Listen to music

The traditional way of passing time while traveling is good old music listening. On long and crowded planes or noisy buses, you can use your MP4 or iPod and amazing Shure SE846 headphones to drown out background noise and relax with your own music playlist.

Listen to music

Also, noise-canceling headphones will help you get to sleep easily. Music will get you going in the journey, improve your mood and spare you from potential unwanted conversations with strangers. Plus, your travel memories will play much better in your mind with background soundtracks. You can be as creative as making a special list for each journey with a theme you’re into at the moment, and hence shape your experiences in a unique way.

3. Look out through the window and give in to daydreaming

One of the travel-lovers’ favorite things to do is gazing out through the windows. You probably don’t consider this activity as an active way of killing long traveling hours, but once you get soaked in the scenery and deeply immersed in the country’s culture, the elegance of the land, the whiteness of the sky, and beauty of the sunsets – the time will fly by without you even noticing. Sometimes the best way to pass time while traveling is to just pick a seat by the window, relax and enjoy the sceneries.

4. Start a conversation with fellow passengers

Chatting with a complete stranger is one of your to-dos when traveling, and a great way to pass time. Start a conversation with your fellow passengers and befriend them – some of the best friendships and movie-like romances start on the train. It’s also a great opportunity to learn something about different cultures, places, and people in general.

Start a conversation with fellow passengers

A good chat with your neighbor will definitely relieve you from boredom, but be careful about not being too pushy, or too open, since this is still just a stranger you met on a train – you don’t want to risk giving away too many personal things about yourself.

5. Play games

This is what most people do, and it’s working! Not only will you pass time, but you will also stimulate your brain by playing mind games, such as puzzle or crosswords. Put your logic skills to the test and play some Sudoku while traveling – solo or with your travel buddy. If you’re a fan of interactive games, bring along fold-away travel games like cards or chess and play with interested fellow passengers. And if you’re not that well prepared, don’t worry – mobile applications will do. Make sure you download a couple of offline games before leaving for a long journey.

6. Sleep

One of the best ways to pass time is, of course, sleeping. You’re most probably sleep deprived, as the majority of people out there, and if not, so what – some extra sleep never hurts. You’ll also recharge your batteries and refresh for the exciting things to come during your journey. So find a comfortable position, close your eyes and if you’re lucky, you’ll wake up just in time when you’re about to reach the destination.

No matter how excited you are about the destination, those hours spent at the airports, stations or on trains and buses feel like ages sometimes. This is why you should take note of the tips above and develop a tactic and backup plans for how to make the best of these long traveling hours.

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in social media and latest business technologies. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.