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8 Great Views in Nepal




Nepal is a Himalayan country that hosts about 70% of the entire majestic Himalayan mountain ranges. There are more than 70000+ trekking enthusiasts visiting the Himalayan country each year. Trekking tours in Nepal are phenomenal because, with the vastness in aesthetic and raw mountain beauty like the Himalayan mountain ranges, each part of Nepal and her trails leads you towards a brand new majestic vista to witness.

Two of the most famous trekking trails in Nepal – trekking tours to Everest base camp and the trekking tours to Annapurna base camp region. This host the sight of 7 of the 8 tallest mountains in the world’s tallest mountains that are in Nepal.

The Annapurna circuit trek belongs to the Annapurna base camp trekking region and its trails. And it is a very famous trekking area because of many reasons.

8 Great Views in Nepal

It is a different terrain

Unlike the mountain landscapes of lush green vegetation and forest greenery, the Annapurna circuit trail is vastly barren, mildly vegetated, with rocks carved by the wind forming amazing sculpture-like things on the land, and caves for short stays and a new experience.

The Annapurna circuit is home to the deepest gorge

In the Annapurna circuit trail, you will cross the deepest Gorge called the Kali Gandaki Gorge. You will face the Himalayan mountain ranges right at your backside and pass several such mountain passes along the way.

The vast natural wilderness and diversity

On this trek, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the subtropical vegetation and the alpine vegetation through your course before you start to bid farewell to the barren landscape. The hardwood forests have diverse vegetation, and flora fauna, after which the vegetation starts to recede. Then you will be greeted by lush apple farms in the mustang region as you walk away from the Annapurna mountain region.

The most panoramic mountain views there is on the Nepal trekking trails

The Annapurna circuit trek allows you to witness the closest landscapes of the sky lining Himalayan mountain ranges. You will witness the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges, Gangapurna, Himalchuli, Nilgiri, Annapurna, and Manaslu mountain ranges. Then you will be crossing the high altitude Thorungla Pass and the Lubra Pass as well.

You can try the adventure sport of canyoning

Canyoning is a sport where one goes up and down the canyons using ropes and harnesses to make their way through the canyons. The Annapurna circuit trek has a lot of these canyons on its trail where you can easily go canyon hopping.

The accommodation is good

Throughout this trek, you can expect to receive good hospitality and accommodation. The lodging is comfortable, neat and hygienic and at some spots, you also get to use Wi-Fi. The accommodation is available in a small tea house like and other homestays like accommodating houses. The hospitality is unbeatable and gives way to a different experience altogether.

The food is very versatile

While on a trek, a good meal which is well prepared is no less than a reward on its own. There are a few things one can easily accommodate in their bag packs, such as protein bars and peanut butter. But the real 3-time meal of a person can be bland at some stops. Along the Annapurna circuit region, it is notable that the foods that you pay for at these areas are prepared with love and meant to nourish the body. The variety of food varies with the different cultures and tribes inhabiting that region.  So don’t hesitate to try the different kinds of foods that this trail would serve you.

You get to witness exotic natural bounties

Himalayan special herbs and other such natural bounties reside and occur on this land. It is nothing short of magical when you witness these bounties. Like the Yaser Gumba, this is a hybrid being that is half insect and half fungus, when it dries up, the worm-like herb acts as rare medicine to treat many ailments, related to immunity, fertility, skincare, wound healing and heart problems. Another such natural occurring is the psychedelic, honey. This honey, which bees make on hives that are hanging on 900m tall cliffs, has intoxicating properties. This natural honey that is rich in nourishing qualities is also an anti-bacterium and has medicinal properties.

There are plenty of reasons to chose the Annapurna circuit trek and why this is the best trek to do in Nepal. But more than that you must try it yourself to experience the fun! is a platform for trekking enthusiasts and mountain lovers to experience the thrilling beauty in the mountains of India and Nepal. The portal was founded by a group of trekkers and travelers who wish to offer the best trekking, hiking and backpacking experience to people all around the world.