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A Travel Essential: 7 Kinds of Travel Bags You Should Own



Travel Bags

Traveling is one of the activities everyone looks forward to. But if there is one thing though those people dread? That is packing, especially when you are not equipped with the right kind of traveling bag.

Bags come in different sizes, designs, and uses. So if you think they’re all the same, you need to rethink that. If you are a pro-traveler though, you get the point now.

Listed below are seven kinds of traveling bags every traveler should own. Read on to know what they are and when to use them.



A rucksack, as what British people would call it, is one of the easiest options to go for a carry-on bag.

It is easy to bring wherever and suits all ages and gender. Perfect for a two or three-day trip that would require the traveler to be always on the go. The different pockets or compartments also enable you to be more organized while traveling.

Also, if you are on a budget trip, having just a single backpack makes you more conscious of the things you buy rather than splurge on things you don’t really need.


Spinner luggage

Imagine arriving late at the airport, and you are almost sprinting to catch a flight. Wouldn’t it be annoying to have a luggage that goes on a different direction every time you wheel it in? That’s when a piece of spinner luggage comes to the rescue.

A spinner is an upright suitcase that has four wheels. These four wheels are supposed to make maneuvering a lot easier. And truly it does.

You wouldn’t mind sipping your frap on the other hand while you wheel the spinner in on the other. However, that only works in smooth floor finishes. Once you get into the hotel carpeted hallway, you’ll feel the difference.

Another downside is that expect to splurge on a quality one if you wish to own a piece of good spinner luggage. May it be carry-on luggage or a checked bag. Otherwise, expect only to be able to use it for two years max as what expert travelers say.

To have more than two wheels means more can go wrong. Spinners have smaller wheels because it takes an inch or two from your packing space. Therefore, it gets worn out easily.


Weekender bag

Weekender bag, from the name itself, is designed to be used for a weekend trip. Therefore, a maximum of two days stuff is designed to fit in it.

This kind of bag is also known as an overnighter from the market or a gentleman’s bag. It is like a step up from an ordinary backpack in terms of capacity and style.

It is oblong or roughly rectangular that has two handles, unzips across the top lengthwise and sometimes comes with a shoulder strap. It’s perfect for casual clothes, but not for lugging suits. So if you are to go on business trips on a weekend that require you to wear smart clothes with a suit and tie, then a weekender bag wouldn’t suffice.

Roughly speaking, a weekender bag has 1x1x2 dimension, anything bigger than that already touches the duffel bag territory. The typical materials used are ballistic nylon, canvas, leather, or a combination of any of the three.


Carry-on bag

A carry-on bag is not the same as your personal bag that usually has your important documents such as passports or the like. It is rather the extra seven kilos you bring with you, in some airlines it could be more, apart from your checked bag.

Most airlines use the same dimensions for carry-on luggage, and that is 22 x 9 x 14 inches, because that is, more or less, the size that could fit in the overhead bin. You can check out your airline’s carry-on size luggage requirements just to be safe.

It is perfect if you wish to travel light on an international trip. Or if you just want some important belongings to stay near you while your other not-so-important stuff gets checked in.


Duffel bag

Duffel bags are named after the town in Belgium where their thick cloth was originally made of.

A little big bigger than a weekender bag, it is cylindrical and has a zipper that closes at the top. Historically speaking, these types of bags are used by military personnel while the common people use them for sports or any other recreational activities.

Another difference between a duffel bag from a weekender bag is its wide opening from the top, which makes it perfect for bringing in large items. Or if you are the type of person who prefers folding clothes rather than rolling them to avoid creases, then a duffel bag is ideal for you.


Travel tote

Tote bags are perfect if you wanted to sport an effortless yet chic look while you travel. Brands like Lacoste or Longchamp makes cute travel totes.

A travel tote can be a perfect replacement for a carry-on, and a personal bag all rolled into a single bag. These bags have so many variations, from sizes to designs. It can be monochromatic or has a catchy design that could go along with any outfit you wear.

Travel tote also comes handy when you need an extra bag for your souvenirs or some nitty-gritty stuff you collected during your travel.


Laptop bag

Bringing in your laptop on your travels doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Replace those boring briefcases with classy and trendy laptop bags instead.

Laptop bags these days have evolved from just having one color before, which is black and deviated from its usual dull look as well. The modern styles come in different variations, some resemble a backpack, while others resemble a nice shoulder lady purse.

It usually offers additional space that could cater to more than just the laptop’s charger. Therefore, you wouldn’t mind taking it with you to a catch-up meal with friends or when you go sight-seeing after staying on top of your emails from a coffee shop.


Wrap up

To own more than one piece of bag is not considered a luxury. More so, it is practical.

Different kinds of bags serve different kinds of purposes. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to own each one of those that are listed above.

Most of the suggested bags could cater to most of your travel needs. You just have to think which one would suit you best.

Andi Croft is a freelance writer whose main interests are topics related to business, technology, and travel. This is brought about by her passion about going around the world, meeting people from all walks of life, and bringing along with her the latest tech to enhance her adventures.