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Access Jet Group is the Best Private Jet Experience to Book Right Now



Access Jet Group is the Best Private Jet Experience to Book Right Now

To put it simply, if you’re in a meeting and it overlaps with another meeting happening within the next fifteen minutes, you will no longer be stressed as the jet would be there waiting. That is what the Access Jet Group is here for.

With a private jet experience built for jetsetters, the CEO, heads of state, and even for well-to-do worldly travelers with destinations and experiences still on their bucket list, Access Jet Group is an intelligent and luxurious alternative within private air charter that can take you around the world.

This boutique firm provides a personal approach to a select tier of clientele, most of which for the high-end market, who not only require, but appreciate a discerning global private air travel experience.

Access Jet Group creates custom on-demand private charter flight solutions for businesses and individuals, serving the most sophisticated private aviation flyers from multiple global industry sectors. Their private jet travel solutions are tailored to your unique needs and can be customized for fun, entertainment, or going to off-the-beaten-track destinations or for private, business, or even governmental sectors.

Adam Hasiak, CEO and Founder of Access Jet Group, shares what makes them a unique experience, unlike many other private aviation groups.

“Our business model is simple: we’re ready when you are. So with Access Jet Group, there are no long-term contracts, membership fees, blackout dates, or expiration dates,” he says.

Access Jet Group provides on-demand flying solutions with a world-class approach that is dedicated to providing the highest levels of client service and safety at every point of your private jet travel experience.

“Our company was the first jet charter brokerage in the entire world to charter the newest VIP airliner in the marketplace on a recent VIP charter to Auckland, New Zealand from the West Coast of the United States,” Adam shares.

The newest VIP airliner was an Airbus 320neo with 19 seat capacity, and a private master bedroom and shower. Most of the interior concepts for the aircraft vary in features such as a nice, creamy white and gold color palette, authentic leather cushions, elaborate ceiling crown molding, and marbleized tabletops. Some in sophisticated silk while others feature an all-black sleek that reminds anyone on board they are in for a top of the line adventure in the lap of luxury.

For Adam, what separates them from the rest is his hands-on approach and global industry personal relationships with private jet owners and proprietary technology that is able to source private jet charter aircraft for the clients’ needs. This allowed him to become the go-to private jet guy for global billionaires, Forbes list families, and emerging entrepreneurs.

It’s undeniable that more and more people are looking to book their 10th private jet experience with Access Jet Group. For them, it’s definitely worth an investment.

Sound like your kind of travel? You may visit their website at or follow them on their Instagram and Twitter @adamprivatejets.

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