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Essential Rules to Ponder After Wearing Ihram




Pilgrims wear Ihram, a particular outfit when performing the acts of Umrah and Hajj. Entering the state of the Ihram is the initial step while performing Umrah, and all of the other ceremonies associated with Umrah and Hajj must also be completed after entering Ihram. When performing Umrah or Hajj, all Muslims are required to put on the Ihram clothing as a sign of religious commitment. Certain behaviors should be avoided when in the Ihram state, including the following.

Applying Fragrance to Body

If a Muslim is in the Ihram state, he is not allowed to wear perfume. Any personal care items, such as shampoo and soap, that have a strong scent are prohibited. Perfumes that contain alcohol are also not allowed. There also can’t be any added scents like essential oils. This is because you are easily enticed by the wonderful aroma of the perfume you wear. There must be no confusion between this and other products with natural aromas. A pilgrim entering into Ihram is permitted to have a rose with him.  However, it should not be sniffed deliberately. The performer is obligated to carry out expiation in such a situation.

Covering One’s Head Is Not Appropriate for Men

While in Ihram, males are not permitted to wear head coverings. Putting a cap or any other material over a man’s head is banned in Islam when he is doing Umrah because it is considered a cover under several norms and customs. Since they are not permitted to cover their heads, some men may consider doing so by publicly displaying their hair. It is forbidden, however, to conceal one’s head during this required ceremony. Whether it’s sunny out or pouring down rain, you may use an umbrella to stay cool. This would provide protection from the sun and rain. In such a way this would be not comparable to a traditional head covering.

Men Are Not Allowed to Sew Ihram

Sewing is forbidden on a man’s Ihram. The Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) Sunnah further states that men’s shoes should not be tailored to the individual’s feet. The shoes should fit comfortably loose. The Ihram must never be sewn, and instead must be wrapped tightly around the wearer. Shoes that completely hide the wearer’s feet are not permitted, however shoes that expose the toes and heels are good for men to wear. Using a belt to secure Ihram is not forbidden in Islam if a man feels the fabric is not covering his body adequately.

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