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Go out and discover Miami with DSmart Cruise!



Go out and discover Miami with DSmart Cruise!

If you want a new adventure or just a chill and relaxing time, Miami is the right spot for you. Though it is just one city, Miami is filled with immensely diverse forms of culture, food, art, and entertainment. Once you step out of the Miami International Airport, one can immediately notice the mix of languages and the look of luxury. Alongside its diverse collection of cultures, there are also the top-rated dining, accommodations, and spas that attract those with a taste for finer things in life. But the true pride of Miami is its expansive wildlife and beautiful beaches and what better way to explore these things than through a boat cruise of it all!

However, finding the perfect charter boat could be hard. Quality charters could be really expensive and the more affordable ones do not give you the true Miami boat tour experience. Luckily, Mathew Ayodele had the notion of experiencing a true Miami boat tour even with a limited budget.

DSmart Cruise LLC, more popularly known as DSmart cruise Miami, is a private boat tour company founded by Mathew Ayodele. The idea of putting up a boat tour company started when Mathew Ayodele went on a vacation in Miami with his family. During their vacation, they booked a boat cruise with a private Captain named Chief. Being a boat lover and a captain himself, Mathew realized Chief’s extensive knowledge of the aquatic field could lead him to owning his very own charter company. This was the beginning of the charter boat company in Miami; DSmart Cruise LLC. With the vast intellect of the captain and the great push from Mathew an amazing thought had been established.

DSmart Cruise Miami began operating mid-October of 2019. The cruise is lead by one of the most highly esteemed captains of Miami, Stefaun Gray more popularly known as Chief Seawalker. He is a Miami/Bahamas native who has spent the vast majority of his life aboard and around water vessels. As a Licensed Coast Guard Captain, he had the opportunity to operate simple kayaks to luxurious 50-foot yachts. He has approximately 8+ years in the boating industry with an array of different types of vessels under his experience.

DSmart Cruise Miami offers a variety of packages ranging from $400 – $1000, which are more affordable than most boat tours in the city. Furthermore, DSmart Cruise Miami offers the same amenities of other boat tours at a more affordable price.

True to its promise of continuously innovating to give Miami tourists and residents a quality and affordable tour, DSmart Cruise Miami’s newest 2020 SeaRay boat will finally set sail. The 2020 SeaRay boat will depart Miami’s Sea Isle Marina or agreed upon location where one will witness Miamis many islands, luxurious mansions, million-dollar yachts, and highly sought after celebrity homes. On this trip, Captain SeaWalker will also give tourists a chance to take a dip in the beautiful warm waters anchored out by one of the many islands of Miami. And if you are lucky enough, you may get a chance to view some majestic dolphins and other animals in their natural habitats while navigating Miami’s diverse waterways.

Book a one of a kind experience with DSmart Cruises Miami send them a direct message on Instagram @dsmartcruise_miami or visit their website at you can also chat with a live Rep online.

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