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Gourmet Travel Guide to Sydney – Best Food in Sydney



Gourmet Travel Guide to Sydney - Best Food in Sydney

Traveling is a way to see some of the most beautiful sights in the world for some, and a way of life for others. For the rest, it’s the way to get to know a whole different side of the world. Being a foodie means that you’ll find the heart of every culture and civilization you visit. When it comes to Australia, gourmet travel will bring a lot of interesting things to the plate. Sydney may be full of great touristic sights, but it’s also filled with the most amazing restaurants you’ll ever visit. Prepare your taste buds for something they’ve never tasted before.

The best seafood

seafood travel sydney

A trip to Sydney isn’t complete without trying some seafood. You’ll never have better fish than those coming from the brisk waters of Sydney. With the ocean right there, it’s simply a waste not to go to Saint Peter. The thing with this restaurant is that it’s not the kind of seafood restaurant you’re used to. It’s run by a young chef by the name of Josh Niland. He’s determined to show his guests that the sea has a lot more to offer than just plain old fish.

Here, you’ll be able to enjoy flame cockles and blood clams, as well as stargazers. It doesn’t matter how well you know what these things are if you keep an open mind. Get ready for a brand new take on seafood at Sydney’s most extraordinary restaurant. After this, you won’t be able to look at seafood the same way again.

The best Australian food

Australia food

It’s a common misconception that Aussies can’t cook. Foreigners think that because the country has so many different cuisines, it doesn’t have its own. Bentley Restaurant and Bar begs to differ. This Aussie restaurant will make you fall in love with the city head over heels. It’s located in the original Fairfax building, right in the heart of the CBD. This location gives it an air of prestige, but thankfully, the owners want everyone to have a good time.

Aussies wouldn’t be Aussies if they didn’t greet people with open arms. This is a unique opportunity to dine in one of the fanciest places in town and taste the best wines Australia has to offer. Though some meals may sound conventional, you may be surprised at just how different they are.

The best Japanese food

japanese food

Located in Surry Hills, Gogyo is the heart of Japanese culture in Sydney. It’s the best restaurant you can go to for an authentic Japanese dinner, miles away from Japan. Aside from the delicious Japanese sushi, you can’t miss the specialty of this restaurant. Ramen noodles have a notorious reputation for being only for poor people are students who have nothing to else to eat, but Gogyo will show you that’s simply untrue.

Kogashi ramen is heated in a pan until it’s brought to a smoking-hot temperature i.e. charred (that’s where the name comes from). Then, only a dollop of miso paste is added, only to be finished off with chicken broth. No matter how many times you’ve had noodles before, you’ve never had them like that. While you’re there, don’t be afraid to experiment with other parts of Japanese culture as well.

The best entertainment

Sydney food

If you like dinner and a show, you’ll love the RSL clubs in Sydney. Aside from a great family atmosphere and family-style food, you’ll get to enjoy something different every night. The food offered here is affordable, tasty, and best when shared with those you love. You could come here every night of the week and have a completely different yet equally wonderful experience.

On Mondays, you’ll get to enjoy a round of poker. Tuesdays are reserved for a bridge, while Wednesdays offer a variety of activities. From the Captain Cook Day club to a darts and mahjong competition, your Wednesdays will be full. We’re back on the bridge each Thursday while everyone gets to show off their trivia knowledge on Friday nights. On Saturdays, you’ll be treated to professional live entertainment.

The best Italian cuisine

italian food

Italian cuisine is something everyone thinks they know how to cook until they try actual Italian cuisine. In Marta, the pasta isn’t just pasta and lasagna aren’t just lasagna. Sydney is famous for its Italian renaissance, so a classic high-quality Italian restaurant is exactly what you’d expect from this city. Of course, when it comes to Marta, they go a step further.

Instead of sticking to just the true and tested, they focus on everything Roman. This means that your favorite dishes will have a little twist to them to make them more delicious and make you look at them from a whole different angle.


Whether you choose the restaurant with the best view or try the best Japanese specialty in Sydney, you’re bound to have a blast. Gourmet travel is always a good idea for those who like experimenting with food and trying new things. There’s no better way to get to know Sydney than through its colourful palette of food. You’re bound to be full and happy on your next trip.

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