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How to Start Your Own Travel Blog



Traveling around the world, seeing amazing places and famous sights, experiencing something new and getting paid for it sounds great, doesn’t it?

So, most people are convinced that to become a travel blogger means getting huge money for lounging on a beach, listening to the waves and sipping a cocktail. For the vast majority of people travel blogging is a lifestyle of all play and no work. Though it actually may be true for some travel bloggers, it’s certainly a dream for the rest.

In reality, the majority of prosperous travel bloggers work harder than anyone. Their everyday routine is documenting all their travel adventures by means of making videos and photos, writing long articles that can appeal to a new audience. At the same time, a blogger must be constantly collaborating with brands and new travel destinations while working out potential partnerships and managing one’s website SEO. 

Therefore, travel blogging does not look like a typical vacation, but if you really love traveling, are passionate about storytelling, you won’t feel like working either. 

You might not treat travel blogging as a business or a full-time career, but these key strategies will be useful for your website and better performance of your blog. Thus, it will attract a larger audience faster.

Useful Tips on How to Start Your Own Travel Blog

Make a Plan and Be Useful 

If you want to succeed in travel blogging, make up a plan for the future in order to know what exactly you want to achieve with your blog. Make sure that your content is fun, exciting, and unique. In addition, of course it has to be useful and informative for your audience. For instance, if most of your audience is on your YouTube channel and you want to increase video content on it, make sure that you’re working in the right direction! In this case it’s better to have some sort of outline for your videos on the channel. As all the videos are scripted beforehand, it wouldn’t be difficult to make some planning of their appearing on the channel. 

On the other hand, telling about your trip; share some secrets that will help people plan their own adventure. Moreover, you may even answer people’s questions in one of your blog’s sections!

Thus, setting up distinct goals will make your content relevant and your blog will be successful and keep growing.

Mind Your Social Media and SEO

Make sure you understand and incorporate SEO in your online content. Its proper use will help people find your blog while looking for answers online.

You should also keep in mind your social media. Use your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts cleverly to help promote your travel blog. 

Be consistent and use your time efficiently. The trick is to schedule uploading your posts and posting them at a set time of day. Don’t forget to pick a later time to come back and reply to the posts. Nowadays, it is necessary to have some sort of story behind each photo so your audience can relate more easily. 

Make Your Travels Safe 

The majority of people want to talk only about growth. But what about how to protect your stuff while traveling? Of course, while traveling you can’t keep your stuff on you at all times. So, you need a proper vehicle. Look for available cars for rent ahead of time. Make sure you’ll have the opportunity to choose cars for rental you like and book it. 

Also, make sure you have insurance in case of theft, loss, or damage to your items. The best thing to do is get travel insurance and book rent a car USA as soon as possible before leaving home, but it’s not too late if you already have a trip planned!

Build Relationships with Other Bloggers

If you’re a beginner, the best way to launch into blogging is to connect with your comrades in arms. Find other travel bloggers on the Internet, attend conferences and build relationships in person as well as online.

Make Partnerships with Airlines and Hotels

The best way to find good partners among hotels and airlines is to start by checking out your competitors’ partnerships. Among such companies you could find good options for you as well.


So, stick to these tips that will launch your successful career as a travel blogger. Remember, that to become a travel blogger, you have to be persistent. It’s very unlikely that your blog is going to take off overnight. You’ll have to work hard and try again and again until you achieve success.