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Melbourne Travel Guide: What to Do, See and Eat



Melbourne Travel Guide: What to Do, See and Eat

No matter if you’re in Melbourne for a few days or if you’ve just moved here, there are just some things you need to see, do and try. Melbourne is famous for its amazing bar, culture and sports scene, so try your best to experience this mix of entertaining activities that will keep you occupied during your stay.


Explore Degraves Street

Melbourne is known for its wild and colourful arcades and laneways, so you need to explore the scene a little deeper. The best spot to visit is arguably Degraves Street. This picturesque-looking lane is spackled with cafés that offer excellent street dining, but make sure to grab a glass of red before you try your hand at arcades or go shopping for handmade goods and artisan souvenirs. Pro tip every traveler should know : finish the evening with a housemade gelato!

Melbourne Travel Guide: What to Do, See and Eat

Take a ride down the Great Ocean Road

This one is a must when visiting Melbourne. You can opt for car hire at Melbourne airport and get your wheels as soon as you land, so you can start exploring the area’s amazing ocean roads. The best one is definitely the Great Ocean Road that stretches along the southwest coast. This road will make you one with your car, allow you to breathe in the fresh ocean air and enjoy the sounds and sights of nature. Pro tip: while you can travel the road in a day, make sure to take your time and make plenty of stops along the way for a proper experience.


See an exhibition in the NGV

The National Gallery of Victoria hosts all the most famous international art exhibitions. You can find classic works of art next to the hottest contemporary pieces, so there’s something for everyone. Just to get the idea of the place, keep in mind that NGV hosted Van Gogh, Dior, Dali, works from MoMA and many more popular exhibitions over the years.

Melbourne Travel Guide: What to Do, See and Eat

Catch some tennis at the Australian Open

Every year, the world’s biggest tennis names flock to Melbourne Park to compete for the southern hemisphere’s only Grand Slam cup. While getting to the arena is pretty hard, even if you don’t make it inside, you can still have a lot of fun with live entertainment, food and drink stalls and live screenings of matches.


Travel to Yarra Valley

If you’re big on wine, grab your trusted rental car and head down to the Yarra Valley. This famous wine region is just an hour’s drive from CBD, so you don’t have to drive far. When you get there and find your accommodation (you can’t drive back after all the wine you’ll have) you can hit cellars and enjoy their exclusive dining experiences perfectly paired with best Aussie wine. If you’re a foodie, this is a must experience for all your senses.


See an opera performance

While classic opera might not be for everyone, you’re certainly going to love the magical, underground State Theatre. The stage is huge and even if you don’t like opera, you’ll love the costumes, the scene design and the majestic stage.


Snap some amazing photos of street art

Centre Place is a fun laneway sporting some of the best street art in Australia. These streets often get repainted, so you can always catch something new and awe-inspiring. Some of the best lanes to visit are certainly AC/DC Lane, Croft Alley and Hosier Lane. Pro tip: if you want to snap some exclusive shots, wake up early.


See a game at the G

Australia’s fave sport is Australian Rules Football and people from Melbourne often come to Melbourne Cricket Ground (aka the ‘G’) to back their beloved teams. Even if you don’t have any favourites, you’ll still love the atmosphere, delicious pies, hot doughnuts and yelling at the umpires. The entire spectacle is filled with classic old fun, so you’re bound to love it.

There are hundreds of fun and exciting activities to experience in Melbourne, so you’ll have to come back eventually, but for now, give these eight a try and you’ll get the sense of what this city’s all about!


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