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Must-Try Adventure Activities in Sydney




Are you a traveler eager to visit Australia but looking for more than just classic tourist attractions? Sydney is the perfect place for your adventurous spirit! This harbor city is full of amazing places to see, exciting things to try and cool destinations to conquer so make sure to prepare for an adventure of a lifetime. Don’t know where to start your Sydney adventure? Here are some must-try activities for you.


Climb the Harbor Bridge

No matter what kind of thrill you’re seeking, climbing the Harbor Bridge will fill you with some adrenaline.

Climb the Harbor Bridge

Expect to make your way over the arches of the Sydney’s most famous bridge guided by an experienced leader and soak up some amazing views while learning about this fascinating structure. From 134 meters about the water, there are no better views of the city!


Conquer the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains National Park is an amazing place for all those who love outdoor activities like picnicking, hiking and camping. If that’s not adventurous enough for you, just know that there are plenty of climbing opportunities in the area so don’t hesitate to bring your climbing gear.

Trek to some secret beaches

Adventure Activities in Sydney

If you want to hit the ocean, why not discover some great Sydney gems? No matter which coastal trek you choose (there are 9- and 18-kilometer ones) you’ll come across some sandy coves, rocky staircases, beautiful vantage points and some secret beaches perfect for a plunge.

Speed across the Sydney harbor

Want something more dynamic? Why not embark on a Sydney harbor jet boating adventure and hit the water at staggering speeds? If you’ve always felt the need for speed, this will definitely satisfy your cravings as you whizz across the water and jet by some of Australia’s most famous sites. If that’s too fast for you, you can choose a more relaxing yet still exciting kayak ride along the coast. Paddling is a great physical exercise that will allow you to skip your workout for the day, plus you’ll have much better views than in your stuffy gym. Rent a kayak and have an independent adventure or have a full kayaking tour, the choice is yours. Both paths are fun, eco-friendly yet exhausting!


Have an exciting New Year’s Eve at Royal Botanic Garden

This is a perfect event for all those adventurers (with or without kids) who want to spend an exciting evening outside surrounded by happy people.

Have an exciting New Year’s Eve at Royal Botanic Garden

If you find yourself in Sydney around New Year’s Eve, make sure to grab a few Sydney NYE tickets and catch the fireworks from the best spot in the city. There are BYO food and drink events as well as those that treat you to some gourmet picnic hampers or delicious three-course meals and late suppers. With views like that, your NYE will be a true adventure!

Try whitewater rafting

If you’re coming from a big city like New York, it’s totally understandable that you’re craving some wild nature. However, since Sydney doesn’t have any untamable rivers, people had to make some artificial ones! This endeavor resulted in a unique whitewater rafting course used for the 2000 Olympics and enjoyed by many since then. The course is demanding, but definitely super fun!

Dive underneath the surface

Diving is one of the most popular activities among the Aussie population and you don’t have to go far out of Sydney to get your perfect experience.

Dive underneath the surface

Just off the coast of Sydney, you can go scuba diving with seals, explore and discover many under-the-sea environments and see all sorts of colorful marine life. Want something a little dangerous? Visit the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and try diving with three-meter nurse sharks, huge stingrays, and other sea creatures.

Have a fun hot air balloon ride over Camden Valley

Imagine a sunrise flight over small towns and villages with Sydney skyline and the Blue Mountains in the distance. How does that sound to you? If hanging from a small basket and floating above the countryside below isn’t exciting for you, you really need to re-examine your life choices.

Adventure Activities in Sydney

This three-hour experience (it starts at 4 am, just in time to catch the sunrise) can also contain a fancy brekky depending on your agency. This can be a perfect ending to your Sydney adventure trip, especially if you’re celebrating something special like your anniversary or birthday. This activity is a gift every traveler will love!

No matter if you love underwater exploration, prefer to keep your adventures on terra firma or want to take your trip up a notch and conquer the sky, Sydney has something for everyone. Just book your Sydney adventure now and prepare for a trip of your life!

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