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Must-Visit Attractions & Top Things to Do in Hong Kong



Must-Visit Attractions & Top Things to Do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city of various attractions and activities. Whether you are a laid-back traveler or a thrill-seeker, the city has something for you around every corner.

Here are the top 10 things to do in Hong Kong during your stay in the city –

1. Eat till you burst

Were you aware that you could find Michelin-star dim sum without breaking your credit record? Check out the world-renowned dim sum place in Sham Shui Po for a taste of authenticity.


2. Shop at the night market of Temple Street

If you have the love for picking up knickknacks from all the places you visit, the night market on Temple Street is waiting for you. While there, try some street-side karaoke.


3. Party at LanKwai Fong

If you live to party, LanKwai Fong is the place to visit in Hong Kong. LKF only comes to life in the evenings with over 90 restaurants, bars, pubs, and night clubs. It is a must visit in Halloween and New Year’s Eve.


4. Tempt lady luck at the Happy Valley Racecourse

You have to test your luck at the Happy Valley Racecourse. If you are in town on a Wednesday night, it is the hottest place to be. Check out the different themes – Oktoberfest, Bollywood night, and Rio Carnival throughout your stay.


5. Ride the Dragon’s Back

After a heavy round of food and drinks, you might want to burn off a few calories the next day. The Dragon’s Back offers impressive views of Tai Tam as well as paragliding opportunities for the thrill-seeking travelers.


6. Try the Hong Kong trams

Whether you want to hop on the old school vintage trams that still ply through the city, or you want to ride one of the newer ones with complete air conditioning; Hong Kong offers an incredible city touring opportunity to all travelers, who are interested in riding a ding-ding. Opt for a ding-ding to travel from one end of the city to another. It will be a memory to treasure.


7. Visit Venice of Hong Kong

The Tai O fishing village is famous as the Venice of Hong Kong. Rent a boat and go around the Tanka village. Check out the semi-floating market, buy dried seafood, and taste the traditional snacks you won’t find anywhere else in HK.


8. Rendezvous with pandas

Visit the Ocean Park for some good old-fashioned cuddling with the pandas. People from all over the world come to this nature and Marine Park to meet the adorable fluff balls. Apart from the pandas, you can interact with seals, dolphins, and penguins.


9. Hike through Tung Ping Chau

Incredible rock formations characterize the rather arid and harsh terrain. Tung Ping Chau is one of the 250 islands surrounding the central city. If you want to escape the bedlam of the city for a day, there is no better option than to camp in the rocky terrains for the night.


10. Shop some more at the MongKok market

The MongKok Ladies market is the top spot for bargain deals in the entire city. Whether you need a set of wine glasses or a fake Gucci purse, you will find it here at the MKLM! Do not forget to energize yourself before you head out because you will need to engage in some serious bargaining.

Picking out just ten things to do when you are in Hong Kong is next to impossible. However, we hope that this list covers every kind of attraction, and activity any traveler seeks in the city.

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