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Tips to Choose for the Right Travel Agency



Tips to Choose for the Right Travel Agency

When you decide to travel, you plan it thoroughly and in advance, isn’t it?

Either going on a family trip or a solo vacation you always look into details of the specific destination. some prefer to travel via a travel agency.

When traveling to the sacred place you want the best optimum choice for safe travels and for holy objective without any hassle. Right?

A travel agency can facilitate you with certain packages and guide you, which even provides with a tour guide as well.

But how to decide which travel agency to look for?

Which will suit your requirements?

Like if you are looking for the (Umrah Packages) sacred journey, how are you going to analyze the best among the list of options?

7 Factors to Choose the Right Travel Agency

7 Factors to Choose Right Travel Agency

Let’s keep these and other few questions in mind and start thinking 7 basic factors to look forward to:

  1. Do your basic research.
  2. What is the agent’s credibility
  3. Documentation process
  4. Safety precautions
  5. Social media/ PR
  6. Discount offers
  7. Positive feedback

1. Do your Basic Research

Before opting for a travel agency rather recklessly, it is of prime importance to do primary research on what you are looking for.

If it’s your first time doing Umrah then you have to take extra precautions in selecting a travel agency because you are going for it blindly.

Make a list of names of travel agencies you find especially on the first two Google pages (they will have the best ratings). After the list visits each of their websites and makes a thorough study of their information what they are offering and all the details. You can make notes to easily remember it.

2. What is your Agent’s Credibility?

Now that you’ve listed the names (what you think are the best options) always read the reviews given by their customers. That’s the best way to make sure how much credit the offering services are.

The rating stars are another way to look into the credibility. If it’s more than a 4-star rating, then it is a popular choice among travelers.

Still, call on their contact numbers and if possible make a personal visit to their offices as well to get familiar with them. And not to forget make sure the travel agency is affiliated with the Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia as well.

3. Documentation Process

The procedure of documentation is quite similar in each travel agency. They will ask you for your fresh copies of all documents and a copy of ID with fresh passport size pictures.

The best working travel agencies list down their need for documentation will requirements to go with it. Study them. Understand the requirements. And they have to make sure that you will be having a new passport with a long-term expiry date to avoid any hassle. They will guide you thoroughly with the documentation process for your self-satisfaction.

4.Safety Precautions

Travel agencies assure their traveling clients the guarantee of security and make them feel privileged in their journey until the completion of their rituals. There are many travelers who feel the warm and appropriate guidance with the agency’s customer service and has often gone through this means of the channel as well. For any ambiguity, the best travel agencies provide customer services that are available 24/7 for its customers and to solve any prevailing matter at hand.

5. Social media/ PR

In modern times of technology, everything is social media based. Either it’s a holiday announcement or posting any information. It all comes in handy. Because of the excess use of social media, marketing has outgrown from parent marketing ideas.

Another way to make sure whether your choice for the travel agency is the right one or not, besides visiting their official website, pay a visit to their social media pages as well.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are major marketing platforms nowadays and the more users the more credits go to their accounts. You can read their customers and other users/ followers comments and their comments too.

6. Discount Offers

Value customers and maintain a healthy relation with them period. How will be that possible if the range of desired packages are not what they are looking for?

To accommodate religious pilgrims on their holy journey, the travel agency is the source facilitating affordable packages for their clientele from flight assurances, hotel bookings to itinerary planning. Some budget-friendly travel agencies even offer Umrah packages to Muslim clientele mostly throughout the year.

True, a person puts cash on hold in order to prepare their arrangements.

What you need is a reliable package either for self-purpose or in the group.

Keep an eye out for the discount offers. When visiting the website do a detailed scan of the flights, hotels, and transportation on the discounts offers given by the prospect agency.

(If any of the travel agency is offering discount offers, make sure to see the dates and travel the booking in advance.)

Besides this, various travel agencies always offer all kinds of holiday packages ranging from cheap to luxury holiday packages.

7. Positive Feedback

We had already covered this point but remember to focus on the type of reviews a travel agency gets on a regular basis. Trollers are everywhere, Google and if you are smart enough you can identify them in the comments (who are just being nasty about the agency).

So if you are a more cautious person you can directly DM any follower (who commented on the post) and ask a couple of question for the credibility of the source. Or better yet, ask around. Word of mouth is a fast service from one to another and you are more prone to accepting what others have to say about their experience or what they have already heard about the respective travel agency.

Keep these factors in mind and you will not face any problem.

Remember, always have a second option in hand if your first choice is somehow deflated.

And if your experience is good enough then why not to use the same travel agency again for their services?

Aafia Khalid, lives in Leeds, United Kingdom, and is originally from Egypt. She has a love for reading and writing about travel experiences, travel destinations, and the teaching of Islam.