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Top 5 Natural Attractions Near Sydney



Sydney, one of the biggest cities in the land down under is truly a marvel and spectacle to behold not only for visitors from abroad but also the locals too who seem to can’t get enough of her. She looks all her visitors in the eye and promises just one thing to them, you will never get enough of me. From her beaches to the pristine blue waters that are always just calling for you to take a dive and allow them to cool you off, to the gentle soothing breeze that seems to whistle a lullaby to you as you soak in the sun. The cultural and historical museums dot her landscape, to the architectural masterpieces which seem to have been designed by the gods of architecture themselves. You truly can’t get enough of it!

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With the means of movement sorted all that remains is to tour this beautiful city and sample some of its attractions. The attractions are many, but this article dwells on five natural attractions that are a must-visit when you set foot in Sydney.

Kiama Blowholes

This is the biggest blowhole in the world. This roaring natural attraction in Kiama harbor attracts more than 100,000 visitors each year who come to have first-hand experience of Mother Nature at work. The spectacle when the large volumes of water gather in the harbor rocks and plummet to the air with a bellowing whoosh is a spectacle to behold.

The walls of China

This is a rock formation that has been sculptured by winds and erosion to produce a magnificent design. The dunes are 40m high and stretch a distance of 33km. They date back to the 1800s. There is a 10km cycling track that offers the best view of the walls of china that you can use. Guided tours are available throughout the year.

Sawn rocks

This is another stunning rock formation in Mt Kapatur National Park. It looks like a giant musical organ, with the basalt pipes around it giving it that distinctive look. The massive rocks are the remains of lava flow from the Nanderwar volcano which erupted 21 million years ago. The rocks can be accessed through Mt Kapatur National Park.

Stockton sand dunes

Located in the Worimi conservation lands, Anna bay, the Stockton sand dunes stretch for 32 km and tower a staggering 400m above sea level. They are the largest sand dunes in the southern hemisphere. Activities that can be enjoyed here include sandboarding. 4-wheel drive tours are also offered. You are advised to carry plenty of water and sunblock on your visit as there is nowhere to take shade from the sun.

Jervis bay Bioluminescence

Jervis bay on the south coast boasts of the whitest sand in the world. A thriving microscopic bioluminescent algae illuminates the water. Chemical reactions under the surface cause the plankton to be luminescent. The displays are, however, unpredictable and are most likely to be seen in the warmer months and are most visible at night.

The three sisters

This is an iconic Blue Mountains attraction. An aboriginal legend refers to them as three sisters who were turned to stone millions of years ago. It’s a great attraction for the whole family. The three sandstone formations according to the aborigines represent Meehni, Wimlah, and Gunneddoo the three sisters.


Rental cars in Sydney just like in many parts of the world are the norm and ideal means of movement for visitors. To sample the many attractions in Sydney including the five discussed here, get yourself one from the many companies you can rent a car from and enjoy Sydney because you deserve to.