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Top 5 Yamaha Best Speed ATVs of 2023



When choosing an ATV, speed is a crucial factor to consider. The acceleration speed is also essential, or how quickly the ATV goes from 0 to 60 mph.

Many Yamaha ATVs come with impressive top speeds straight from the manufacturer without needing modifications.

If you’re after speed, here’s a helpful list of some of the fastest ATVs on the market to make your purchasing decision easier.

Top 5 High-Speed ATVs of Yamaha 

Get ready to rev up your engines with the top ATVs on the market! These powerful machines are ranked based on their top speed and horsepower, but remember that the speed you achieve may vary depending on your riding style.

  1. Yamaha Banshee 350
  2. Yamaha Warior 350
  3. Yamaha Kodak 700
  4. Yamah Raptor 700R
  5. Yamaha YZF 450R

The size of the engine often determines a quad’s speed, but the type of engine also plays a role. The LT500 Quadzilla, for example, still holds its place among the top ten fastest quads thanks to its 500cc two-stroke engine that can reach higher speeds than the four-stroke Raptor 700.

It’s important to note that some modern ATVs have speed limiters for safety reasons. However, for this ranking, no modifications have been made to the machines. Let’s take a closer look at each of these top ATVs and discover their unique strengths and capabilities.

Yamaha Banshee 350

Rev up your ATV adventures with the classic Yamaha Banshee! This powerhouse, manufactured by Yamaha Motor Company from 1987 to 2006, packs a punch with its 34 horsepower engine and lightweight 386 lbs frame. With a top speed of 75 mph, it’s no wonder the Banshee 350 is still sought after today.

Although production stopped in 2006, the Yamaha Banshee remains a popular ride, with an average classifieds price between $2000-$3200. Despite lacking an electric starter and reverse gear, its fun factor keeps enthusiasts coming back for more. With a 347 cc liquid-cooled twin-cylinder engine, it’s easy to see why the Banshee 350 is considered a classic sport ATV by collectors.

Take a step back in time and visit a used Yamaha ATV dealer near you to test drive the legendary Banshee 350. With its 73-inch length, 43.3-inch width, and 31.5-inch seat height, it’s the perfect ride for those who want to relive the thrill of the past. Join the Banhee 350 enthusiast community today.

Yamaha Warrior 350

The Yamaha Warrior 350, produced from 1987 to 2004, is known for its exceptional performance and versatility. With a snorkel kit for riding in shallow water and impressive pulling capabilities, this sport ATV was designed for both casual and intense riding. Its user-friendly design earned it high praise among riders.

A stock Warrior 350 can reach speeds up to 63 mph, but results may vary based on various factors such as weather, rider weight, and upgrades. For those looking to modify their Warrior, it shares the same engine as the Yamaha Raptor, making upgrades easier for those with previous experience. For pro-level riders, they often turn to professionals like Duncan Racing International for custom build solutions.

Yamaha Kodak 700

The Yamaha Kodiak 700 is a must-have for adventure seekers. With its 686cc 4-stroke engine, liquid cooling and low-tuned start-up sound, it’s the perfect rec-utility 4WD ATV. Its class-leading power steering reduces fatigue on long rides, while the front and rear racks provide ample storage space. 

The halogen headlight and LED display give you all the info you need, and its top speed of 64 MPH lets you tackle any terrain with ease. Get ready for an unforgettable ride with 48 horsepower at your fingertips!

Yamaha Raptor 700R

Experience speed like never before with the Yamaha Raptor 700R! This iconic machine from Yamaha, a leading ATV manufacturer, sets the bar high for other ATVs in its class. With a ground clearance of 9.5 inches at its peak, the Raptor 700R is built for adventure.

The heart of the Yamaha Raptor 700R lies in its water-cooled SOHC four-stroke engine, one of the most powerful engines in the ATV market. This lightweight machine effortlessly reaches top speeds of 25 mph and beyond.

With a fuel capacity of 2.9 gallons and a net weight of only 422 pounds, the Yamaha Raptor 700R is an easy-handling speedster. Priced at $8,300, this ATV is worth every penny for those seeking high-performance thrills. Get ready to dominate the trails with the Yamaha Raptor 700R.

Yamaha YZF 450R

Experience unparalleled speed and power with the Yamaha YFZ 450 ATV. This lightweight engineering marvel has dominated the sport ATV market for years, winning multiple championships and being named “Sport ATV of the Year” by ATV Illustrated in 2007. 

With a top speed of 75 mph, the YFZ 450 remains one of the most sought-after ATVs in the industry. Join the ranks of championship racers and discover why the YFZ 450 is a force to be reckoned with.