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Top 8 Travelling Guide Jewels of Morocco



Top 8 Travelling Guide Jewels of Morocco

life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

I suggest have the courage to dare yourself. Often. Travel with all your heart’s desire and let the journey take its course. Money can’t buy you happiness (that’s true) but it can definitely take you to your next wonderland.

Travel as much as you can, as far as you can, life is not meant to be still.

Remember to travel, you don’t need to make it perfect, all you need is to be happy that you did it, that’s why it’s an adventure of a lifetime.

Conjuring a trip can be easy or complicated, depends on how you want it and where you want it. Choose locations wisely beforehand.

Better an oops than a what if.

Africa is a vast continent, open to many tourists all-round the year. Of course, the main highlight is Great Sahara! But have you ever wondered to actually visit it?

Well, now’s the chance to go visit it. But wait! Where is it situated?

It’s all in MOROCCO!

Morocco is a myriad land of diversity in castes, culture, traditions, and landmarks. Now that you know the Sahara Desert has situated in Morocco let’s take a closer look at main tourist’s attractions of Morocco briefly.

Being Africa’s most visited country, Morocco offers great locations, finger biting cuisines with Tropical and Mediterranean beaches. The architecture, colonial history and famous museums, mausoleums, madrasas are just the beginning of a remarkable adventure.

8. Rabat:

The capital. Why not? It’s a metropolitan center. Rabat is quickly becoming the most visited city in Morocco. Weather is good and totally bearable throughout the year and is home to tranquil beaches too. with new parts being added over the time period, it now has wide boulevards, outdoor cafes and, souks! (it’s different from one in Marrakech or Fez).You can travel via Rabat TRAM within the city.

Come and find Chellah – the Phoenician and Roman ruins. It’s easy to visit this place and you can enjoy the Chellah Jazz festival famous for its unique concert too. You can also surf the waves of the Atlantic Ocean at the beach of Temara and Skirat.

7. Asilah:

It’s famous for its hot summer beaches and art festivals, besides that it’s astonishing to see the mural on street walls makes its at top most wanted list when visiting Morocco. You get to visit the famous art gallery of Alpanos.

6. Tangier:

A cultural mix of Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, and French is a strategic gateway to Africa. You’ll often see splashes of colors in the street so don’t be surprised when you see it in Tangier.

Did you know it’s the final resting place of famous Moroccan travel Ibn Battuta? (pay your respects).

You can easily enjoy fresh orange juice (it’s a celebrity item in Morocco) while discovering the historical facts of Tangier. Take a look at St. Andrews Church while you are at it. Its depiction of Roman culture is a focal point for the Christian population. Moving on when you cross Bab al Fahs you get the feeling of a culture crossover. The old and new age difference is distinctly visible in the market place of Grand Soco.

5. Fez:

The historical city represents the past and present in mind blogging balance. Surrounded by fort walls it’s a must visit. Famous as OLD CITY it’s home to tanneries too. although they are overwhelmingly smelly the process of dyeing pulls the trigger. You will observe mosaics at every corner of its elaborate architecture.

4. Marrakech:

How can we possibly miss this eternal city? It’s the most prominent city for tourism in Morocco. Famous for its Square sided souks it’s a city that works wonder. Souks are like labyrinths unless you have a great sense of direction and good memory you will surely get lost. If you do get lost enjoy it to maximum (no jokes!) you can do some extremely great purchases and ask for directions later.

Blue pottery, Moroccan handmade carpets, and handicrafts are quite popular among tourists. In addition, the spice aroma fills your nostrils once you get close to the main area. They are so colorful and vibrant; you want to immediately fill in your pockets. Its tradition to haggle for some good price when buying something so doesn’t be shy.

With 300 plant species crafted is the magical garden of Jardin Majorelle. A French artist spent his life creating this beautiful eccentric garden. Its pole opposite of souks in Marrakech. You will like it here I’m sure of it.

After a day’s hike in the souk, you ought to refresh yourself in the local hammams. A cool bathing dip will relax your muscles and a message is just what you need at the end of the day. And don’t forget to visit the famous mosques and madrasas. It’s a bundle of exploration sceneries.

3. Essaouira:

Luckily, this city has been famous in Hollywood in the ’80s and ’90s. it’s one of the coziest and peaceful hangouts in the African land. Now for the most important discovery, GOT fans calm your wits! This destination has honors of being in one of the episodes! (hurray!!!)

2. Chefchaouen:

The bluest city on earth I would say. In literal terms, situated on the hilltop it’s fascinating to see a hundred shades of blues. Especially at sunset, it has such a magical effect to the scene it makes you ooh and ahh. Quite popular for solo traveling (my favorite) it’s a great tourist spot for honeymooners too. For even greater appreciation you can go hiking in the Rif Mountains.

Before we pick the top nomination here are some honorable mentions.

  • Casablanca – famous for architecture and French heritage
  • Ouarzazate – famous for its Hollywood sets and also home to historical and traditional sandstone buildings. Gateway to the Sahara Desert.
  • Tinghir – an old French town spouting with splendid flower gardens and Kasbahs.

1. Agadir:

Rising from the ashes of the earthquake in 1960 this city tops our list as one of the jewels of Morocco. The town’s laid back beachfront boulevard is popular and most liked by the tourists. Beautiful beaches basking in the Moroccan sun gives such an animated look it’s hard to believe it can ever exist.

A western resort destination in the north of Africa with a stretch of the golf course is the main course of family attraction for tourists. The inviting tranquil Atlantic waves call upon the sea explorers and water sports.

You can enjoy some best seafood along with bonfires at the beachside. Adventure parks, best shopping centers, surf camps and what not! Its wild dream for travelers.

Remember to visit all the places regardless of our opinion. You need to make your own memories and why not create your own list of top destinations when traveling? Enhance your experience with all good and bad decisions.

It’s all about living in the moment.