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Top Spot for Drinkers who plan to visit Hong Kong



Top Spot for Drinkers who plan to visit Hong Kong

In Hong Kong we drink for drinking, we drink since we are sociable, in light of the fact that we love meeting people and in light of the fact that everything tastes so damn great. There’s a great deal of them around (bar’s that is) so here’re a portion of my top choices. If you want to go to Hong Kong. Book Hong Kong Trip Packages at

The Pontiac

Damn, If I could remain quiet about this one I would, but it’s simply too great to keep a secret. (plus I’m horrendous at keeping secrets) THESE GUYS ARE GREAT. Better believe it, those ones in the image (okay I mean hot) But hotness aside this is effectively the coolest bar in HK. Finally, a place that isn’t too up its self to give us a chance to get alcoholic and go wild. Expect free shots being immersed your mouth, great music, and great organization. I promise you, whatever day of the week you go you will be engaged, if not by Beckley the proprietor, by Micheal the amazing bartender. Simply help yourself out and go. When you see me in there, simply buy me an old fashioned to say thank you!



One of the coolest cocktail bars around the local area, the Quinary seeks to connect all five senses. Award-winning barkeeps shake like there is no tomorrow making nothing not as much as magnum opuses. Simply watching is a show in itself.

Back Bar

Oh, you didn’t know Ham and Sherry had a bar…?? Do you recollect behind where the gourmet specialists are? It would appear that a major mirror? All things considered, it’s not, it’s really a bar. Just open through the side rear way of Ham and Sherry, Back Bar presents the absolute best-mixed drinks around the local area! Still moderately obscure to those not up to date, it feels like you are living in a fantasy land where the remainder of HK can’t perceive how flushed you are getting. However, all joking aside, it’s a great bar, by a long shot my most loved in Wan Chai, and another I’m hesitant to outline for too much; but if you are up for a decent time and some great drinks, at that point see you in there!

Ping Pong

Ping Pong is ultimate. Serving each gin you can envision (to say the very least) in colossal glasses making you have a feeling that you have diverted into Alice from Alice In Wonderland. A bit on the pricey side, but great for special events or to impress friends visiting.



One of my absolute most loved bars in Hong Kong. The perfect vibe, music, and cocktails! Try the Diablo-a fiery blend of vodka raspberries, cranberry, and chilies. You will in all probability observe me in here consistently. It’s sort of elusive but if you truly need to find it you will. That is as much as you are getting from me. I don’t need it to get too crowded.

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