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Travel and Lifestlye Influencer Lindsay Myers Gives Tips on How travel can improve overall health!



Lindsay Myers
Life happens so quickly, and with the blink of an eye, we are being responsible for so much in our life. We have full-time jobs, we care for and are responsible for other people. While life goes on, most people think the window of time for us to travel is over. As a woman, we fill so many roles in everyone’s life. We think it is too hard to walk away from the “me time” let alone a vacation.

I am here to tell you that you need to make it happen. For yourself and for everyone around you. Travel not only makes us happier people, but it also enhances our life. With new adventures, we grow and change every time if you let it. Isn’t that the point of living; to enhance and be the best version of ourselves?

Let’s break it down. Why does travelling make us happy? This might seem like an easy answer, but it’s much more than us just being happy on vacation. New places, new cultures, and new adventures expand our mind and have been proven to do wonders for you mental and emotional well being. When you step outside your day to day routine and really relax and recharge, the stress starts to melt away. Stress is toxic to our mind and bodies. It can affect all aspects of your life.

While on vacation, we do the things we love: sit on the beach with a drink in our hand, read books, take hikes, eat and drink well. All these things re-wire our brains about the simplicity of life and show us what makes us truly happy. Maybe you just do nothing, or if you like to explore new cultures, either way, you are still reflecting. You are taking the time to show yourself that you matter and do the activities that you enjoy. When you start enjoying your time on vacation, there are no distractions of the daily grind and you can truly clear your head. If you can travel with a clear head, you can see your priorities clearly. You reflect on how important it is to put ourselves as a priority.

Seeing new places and meeting new people is easier while travelling. We tend to let down our guard which make us more social. If you can step outside your comfort zone while travelling, it can be a great confidence booster. You can learn things not only about the world but also about yourself. Finding that inner joy and peace on vacation can have you bringing that emotion back with you in your daily life. You can make life long friends anywhere in the world.

Travelling can change your life if you let it. But, what is the point if we do not take things away each time? We do things that make us happy while we travel that we never do back home, but why? You can feel that we are just overall healthier when we travel, bring that travel mentality back home with you, and be the best you. You deserve it!

About Lindsay Myers:

Lindsay Myers is a Los Angeles-based budget travel and lifestyle expert whose outside-the-box approach proves you don’t have to pay top dollar to experience all that life has to offer… all you need is a mix of creativity and a thirst for adventure! Myers’ sparkling personality, fresh fashion know-how, and a knack for balling on a budget have made her a regular feature on Access Hollywood while earning her a spot as celebrity stylist Brad Goreski’s travel sidekick on Bravo’s “Brad, Brad World,” as well as a solo travel series on Myers has made her luxury travel and lifestyle dreams come true and now shares her secret budget tips and tricks, proving herself to be an expert in the field and a true woman of influence. This lovable “girl next door” brings the full force of her media experience and budget-minded magic to making the high life accessible to and affordable for all. “People assume that you need a ton of money to experience everything life has to offer. I have made it my mission to prove them wrong.” In the last year alone, Myers planned her fairytale wedding at an Irish castle followed by a thirty-day Italian honeymoon on a dime while scoring a designer wedding gown for less than a pair of late-night movie tickets. Today, more than 50,000 Instagram fans look to Lindsay Myers for hot tips on living luxe without breaking the bank and an empowering message that when you embrace your own beautiful, powerful voice, “then you truly succeed.” Follow @GetLostWithLindsay and visit to learn more.

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