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What is the best time to visit Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe?



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To visit and experience the most fun and entertaining place of Victoria Falls is a dream of every traveller, at least once in their lifetimes. Travelling anywhere needs a lot to spend, and the same goes for visiting Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Of course, you would also have to dedicate some budget for this. But how you’ll make sure that you have made the proper budget? Well, this question is valid and essential as well. The answer to this crucial question is to have complete knowledge about the location. 

But along with that, the next question arises, from where can you get detailed and correct knowledge about Victoria Falls? So let us congratulate you as this article is here to help you with all your queries, concerns and confusions about this place. The United Kingdom (UK) citizen can avail of cheap flights to Zimbabwe, with the guidance of this writeup. Before that, let’s get an overview of Victoria Falls and see what it has for travellers, the best time to visit, etc. 

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe overview? 

Victoria Falls is located between the borders of Zambia & Zimbabwe. It ranks as a world heritage site and one of the world’s seven wonders. It is one of the most extensive water blankets on the earth, which, at this point, is more than two kilometres wide and descends loudly through a series of basalt canyons before plummeting 108 meters into a tiny pit. It is the fourth longest river in Africa. A Scottish Missionary and Doctor, David Livingstone, discovered it on 17th November 1855. He named it Victoria in honour of the Queen of the UK. 

The Victoria Falls National Park, located on the Zimbabwean side of the Zambezi River, and the Mosi-ao Tunya National Park in Zambia are both included as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

What is the most favourable time to visit Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe? 

When Victoria Falls are at their lowest flow, October and December is the ideal time to visit if you want to swim in the Devil’s Pool.

From March to May, visitors can witness the falls’ strong sprays, smoke, and booming sounds when the water level is at its maximum.

The river forms the greatest sheet of falling water in the world when it is fully flooded in February and March. Around 540 million cubic metres of water per minute rush over the brink, creating a spray plume visible from 20 kilometres away.

So, the attractions of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, didn’t over here as it has more to offer you. However, let us move to the other part of the article, i.e., how you can choose the right time and manage to go there. The following suggestions can help you to have cheap flights from the UK to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe: 

  • Being flexible: You must pick the proper time and dates for your trip if you live in the United Kingdom (UK) and intend to visit Victoria Falls. You will indeed pay more for your flight if you book it over a major international holiday like Christmas or New Year’s. Depending on the situation and conditions, flying tickets sell out quickly. 
  • Prebooking: Book as long as possible to get the finest and least expensive flights. Booking three or six months in advance is almost usually a good idea. Travellers can take advantage of significant savings, have ample time for thought, add or remove any desired or undesirable items, etc.
  • Flight with stopovers: It is advised to choose airlines that offer indirect flights rather than direct flights. Direct airline prices are prohibitive in comparison. When booking your journey, you might be able to make significant financial savings. Save money by choosing the fun “Indirect” mode of transportation instead of wasting it.
  • Comparison: Comparing ticket prices as much as possible is another way to find the best deal on a flight. It will enable you to make decisions without hesitation or ambiguity. The comparison trick is usually effective because it increases your knowledge and expertise. Compare your short-listed airlines so much.
  • Weekdays Flight: Your flight days must be determined by a low-cost airline, such as Tuesday or Wednesday. These weekdays were chosen because, on average, they are less expensive than weekdays. Finding the cheapest days to fly from the UK to wherever you worked during the week was simpler.

Which flights are operating from the UK to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe?

The following airlines are operating from the UK to Victoria Falls to serve the citizens of the United Kingdom: 

  • Ethiopian
  • British Airways
  • Emirates
  • Kenya Airways

So, this article surely helps you minimise your confusion about this place as it guides you through the time to book the flight, the ways and suggestions to get cheap flights, to keep your journey under the budget and how to have more fun at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. So be ready with clarity on your journey.