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What’s New in Altour Travel Agency’s Corporate Travel Agent?



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There are several travel agencies that provide corporate travel packages. However, most of them fail to incorporate the needs of fast-paced citizens these days. Many agencies have come up with various features to make their packages fancier. But nonetheless, despite the fierce competition out there, Altour still remains as the most popular corporate travel agent.

So, what makes Altour amongst the best? What’s new in Altour travel agency’s corporate travel agent? Here are some of the features that make them unique:

Personalized service for you:

Every business has its specifications. Your wants might differ from that of other business professionals. Altour corporate travel agent makes sure to hear out your specific demands and incorporate them well into your travel plans. Altour has been providing services for a long time and is one of the most trusted travel agencies. Be it a romantic getaway with your loved one, a student tours, or a group tour with many people together, Altour can customize the package to suit your specific need.


Strategy based account management:

No one can predict the uncertainties of a corporate journey. With Altour, which is one of the most popular corporate travel agents, you need not worry about it. Altour ensures that your company’s account is strategically made. They do so by balancing the interests of your company as well as your employees. With such management, you won’t have to suffer the bitter consequences of a failed corporate trip. Right from putting up the guests at appropriate accommodation to taking care of their needs with various facilities, the team at Altour provides a stellar corporate tour experience.


24×7 communication facility:

Problems may arise anytime. Altour understands this. Their corporate travel agent is available 24×7. You can call them anytime and clarify your doubts. Also, the agents are highly experienced. They are well-versed with market knowledge as well as cultural sensitivity. They will explain everything to you in simple terms. There won’t be any doubt, confusion or annoyance when you deal with our customer service personnel to sort out your specific problems. We are available right at your service at all times. With such a service, your business will only flourish over time.


VIP facilities:

Altour also provides VIP treatment for those who want exclusive treatment. They have over 1300 properties which are some of the finest throughout the globe. With the payment of priority rates, your corporate trip would be as lavish as you want it to be. This helps you create a distinct impression on your potentilla / existing clients and win their support in bagging new projects. It also augments your branding as one of the better-planned companies when it comes to customer servicing and lead generation.


An advisor:

Altour’s travel agent provides you with guidance before every trip. They advise you to fulfil all the legal obligations. Since the trip involves many employees, it becomes important to meet the legal demands. Since it is said that prevention is better than cure, Altour saves you from any last moment hurdles.

Currency Exchange:

A business trip would involve travelling to various countries. Altour’s corporate travel agents aid you in exchanging domestic currency for foreign ones. It will then become possible for you to travel to another country without any difficulty. No need to be stuck in a foreign nation without any currency to help you out. We will be there with you at all times to help plan your trip the smart way.

Passports and Visas:

Documentation might consume a lot of your time. But Altour takes care of that too. They have experts who can assist you in acquiring passports and visas. Moreover, they can help you out in renewal of your passports if you need it on an urgent basis.



Your safety and security remain the prime concern of Altour. For instance, your valuable information remains safe with their identity theft program. You can call them up in case of any medical emergency during your trip. If your documents or credit cards get lost, you can approach Altour for a solution to that too.


Private Jets:

If you want to experience luxury, you can book a private jet for your corporate travels. Altour’s corporate travel agents have the best prices for jets. You can contact them beforehand to inquire about the specifications.


Membership with other Agencies:

Altour’s corporate travel agents have partnered with the best agencies around the world. Such a partnership ensures better facilities for you worldwide.


Planning a corporate trip can be complicated at times. Hence, go with Altour, one of the most reliable and popular travel agents for a relaxed and comfortable corporate trip. These compelling reasons show why going with Altour can prove to be the best decisions to augment your travel experience beyond the ordinary.

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