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Why Should you Spend Your Summer in Miami?



Summer in Miami

Spending a summer in Miami is not everyone’s cup of tea. The heat of Miami does not appeal even to the residents of Miami as the city is hot as hell in the summer seasons. Summer is called the slump season in the U.S. Everyone just lazes around doing nothing. The only major holiday that you get during this season is the Fourth of July. Everyone stays within the comfort of their homes. People don’t step out of their houses as they fear of getting tanned and having heat strokes. In short, people find it hard to spend time in Miami in the summer.

However, a recent survey portrays a very different picture of Miami in summers. It says that Miami is one of the top 10 summer travel destinations in the world. It is also believed that the people of France have a strong feeling for their friends in Miami and keep visiting the city. Once, Miami also had the highest percentage of French tourists by a large margin. There are a lot of unique ways to make the slumping season an interesting one. You just need to get out of your house and beat the heat. And yes, there are many more ways to spend the summer in Miami than just getting a tan. You can enjoy yourselves in the summer festivals of Miami, take a cruise ride in the waters of Biscayne Bay and a lot more.


Have a look at the few reasons why you should travel to Miami this summer!


Soak up the sun in South Beach

If you are in Miami, you should take some time to visit the famous South Beach. South Beach is the center of attraction of Miami. The place was just a sandbar and now has become the most happening place of Miami with its vibrant nightlife and beach as its main attraction.


Catch a game with the Miami Marlins

If you are into sports, you can have a good time getting involved in the city’s major league baseball team called Marlin, located in Little Havana. You can even catch a game with the Miami Heat, who play in downtown’s American Airlines Arena.


Zoo Miami & Zoo Miami Summer Camp

Miami’s zoo and summer places are other interesting places where you can have a unique and interactive experience like feeding the rhinos, riding a camel and much more. It is a perfect place to visit with your family especially children.

The zoo of Miami also conducts special summer camps for young kids who are staying in that area for some time.


Miami Seaquarium

The Miami Seaquarium is a destination in itself for animal lovers. Several fascinating activities like stunning animal shows, intriguing demonstrations, and informative presentations make the place a must-visit if you want to spend the summer interacting with the wild. The Seaquarium is spread across an area of 38 acres on a tropical island and also offers summer activities for kids of all ages, home-schoolers, and more.


Mango Mania

More than anything else, summer is the season of mangoes. If not anything else, you can spend your summer gulping mangoes from the tree in your yard. Soon you will involve yourself in plucking mangoes from your garden and making mango lassi, mango sorbet, mango salad, and the list goes on.

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