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Waist Trainer Princess Moses on the Importance of Self-Love and Body Positivity



Self-love and body positivity are two different principles. The former refers to something internal, while the latter refers to something external. These two, however, go hand in hand when taking care of oneself in an attempt to boost confidence.

The real purpose of the body positivity movement is to encourage people to feel worthy of self-love. Self-love’s real purpose, on the other hand, is loving what they see in themselves. Princess Moses has lived to be an example of someone who loves themselves and lives in a way that reflects that outwardly.

Princess Moses is a Nigerian-American who resides in Houston, Texas. She is a media personality, a model, and a socialite where she is more famously known as Splendorprincess. She studied accounting but later changed her career to nursing due to her love of helping the sick. Princess is now a nurse by profession. She broke the norms of being a nurse by also being an entrepreneur. 

As an entrepreneur, she owns an online waist trainer store, where she ventured how she could help other women retain their figures. She also works as a coach to help other women to get a flat tummy and maintain it with the use of waist trainers and exercise.

Her unique product – the waist trainer – has become very popular in the market. It helps users lose inches and keep them off while utilizing her exercise tips. The waist trainer is made with pierced fabric that allows breathability. It also comes with four reinforced acrylic bones. And it also offers double compression to the abdominals. These features ensure the effectiveness of her waist trainers.

Clients have worked with Princess, especially men and women ages 20 above, who would like to lose inches off their waist and attain a healthy body. Working out provides a series of positive effects on one’s body. It helps one control their weight, reduce the risk for heart diseases, and help the body manage blood sugar and insulin levels. 

While these are physical benefits in the body, mental benefits are also apparent. Exercising improves mental health and mood that can help one deal with stress and reduce the risk of depression. Working out also helps with a person’s judgment and keeps their thinking, learning, and judgment skills sharp as one grows older.

Working on the physical appearance of a person is one thing. And taking care of one’s mental health is another. When she’s not at work, she loves watching college football games. She enjoys the weather by taking her dogs for hikes and indulging herself in her passion for nature photography. Expressing herself through painting is also her way of attaining peace of mind. She considers painting as something therapeutic.

While self-love is something one can work internally and encourage others to practice, body positivity means being an ally to those with marginalized bodies. These two challenge the preconceived notions about one’s body and help others accept who they are.

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