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What This Fitness Blogger Taught Me About Dieting & Finding The Right Balance



What This Fitness Blogger Taught Me About Dieting & Finding The Right Balance

It seems like every diet you read about is some version of starving yourself to get fit and then when you finish dieting and go back to your regular habits all the weight comes back!  Sound familiar? Well, according to fitness blogger and upcoming fitness star Eri Anton you can eat pizza, burgers and chocolate and still have an amazing body. Eri practices what she preaches and you can be the judge of the results.

Eri focuses her emphasis on eating a balanced diet without starvation and eating what your body needs with time and amount of “fun” calories mixed into your meal plan.  Her plan works by identifying your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and the calories your body needs to survive. Each person based on their age and weight has a different metabolic rate and there are many resources online to help them identify their BMR and create a base need as far as calories go.

“I focus on making your caloric intake count as much as possible by eating clean and making smart choices with a balance of carbs, proteins and fats’” Eri says.

When Eri talks about clean eating, she refers to foods that are not processed because she says food processing removes many of the nutrients from food and leaves you with calories and minimal nutritional value. She focuses on making those calories count and even eats healthy fats that come from avocado and nuts. Eri, who loves pizza and chocolate, wanted to live a fit lifestyle and realized that depriving herself of fun calories was a recipe for disaster. Nowadays, Eri will pick times in the week to allow herself to indulge in some of her favorite foods including pizza, burgers and desserts!    

Her “cheats” come in the form of making choices for foods she is craving, not just eat empty calories and not be satisfied. She says a lot of people could make healthy cheats by eating some form of a diet dessert! In her mind you need to indulge in what will satisfy you and make sure to eat in moderation and in case you overdo it, get back in the gym and do a little extra cardio and don’t sweat it.

Eri says, “Depriving yourself is a certain way to create such a strong desire for something, you binge eat everything in an effort to fill the depravity you have created in your mind for something you can’t have.”

Eri will create a balance in her diet by utilizing cardio and resistance exercises to burn calories and create a calorie deficit by burning more calories than she consumes when she is seeking to perfect her physique.

Eri says, “That way your body is not storing energy in the fork of fat and is utilizing everything you eat keeping your metabolism healthy and operating at peak performance.”

With over one million followers on Instagram, Eri has managed to create her own brand focused around acceptance, inspiration and motivation. She has competed in National Physique Committee bikini contests, writes a health and fitness blog, endorses products, and has just launched her own clothing line called Inspire by Eri Anton. Having taken her physique to the next level, she is also an Elite Athlete for @BangEnergy and a Fitness Model for @Ignite. 

She became a fitness enthusiast with the desire to help others learn about the benefits of fitness life and creating a life of balance. She has graced the cover of magazines like Low Rider and been featured in articles such as Top 8 Instagram Models with Best Abs and Top 10 Most inspirational Instagram Models.


What inspired Eri to get started with her fitness business was her need for independence. She had learned the hard way that she could not rely on others, having been constantly let down and disappointed.

“I wanted my freedom to pursue my dreams and aspirations coming from very humble beginnings as an immigrant to this country.  Nothing is given to you and you have to work your a– off and still nothing is guaranteed,” she says.

She has learned to be very persistent and determined and not stop at anything.  Learning from her mistakes and finding ways to make things happen was critical for her to get to this point. Eri is proud of her culture and background and being a woman in business.

Eri seeks to inspire a new way of thinking for her followers. With her love for women and love for fitness, she seeks to inspire a culture that does not seem to offer women the care and support they need. Having been blessed with great genetics, Eri quickly found out how hated she was by others because of her looks.

I could not understand, but later found out I was seen as a threat to other women. I want to change that as there is always going to be someone prettier or with a better body. We need to unite, not divide over superficial nonsense,” she shares.

Eri plans on competing for her pro card in competitive physique competitions. She will be competing next year, seeking to become pro and grow her fitness business even more.  She also wants to expand the designs and products of her clothing line. As well as bringing on more endorsements and creating a fitness training program for women.   

Her message now is for women to not allow themselves to be valued by their body or looks since we all have flaws. She believes women need to support other women and lift each other up and learn not to be superficial. Beauty is about the heart, not your body and looks. She also wants to inspire everyone to be their best and realize that gradual change and staying focused is most important. She seeks to motivate other women to be their very best.

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