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Which Gemstones You Should Pick For Your Collection



Gemstone jewelry

Ladies are bonkers after gemstone jewelry! Life is incomplete without it. It adds glam to the outfit and enhances the aura of the woman. Matching jewelry with immaculate makeup uplifts their personality and gives them the confidence to walk. It is undoubtedly a luxurious possession, adding charm and appeal to the simplest attires. But now the question comes, which gemstone should be chosen?

In this piece of article, we will discuss the most hot-selling gemstone. Lets us start then.

Larimar- The Gentle Stone

The naturally beautiful mineral larimar stone is loved for its original shape and color that enhances the look of the wearer. Since the year 1974, the larimar jewelry has been well known among gem lovers as the blue color of the stone can stun anyone with its elegance. Moreover, it enlightens and heals the person physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, representing peace and clarity. The Larimar jewelry will stimulate the heart and throat chakra facilitating inner wisdom.

Opal – The Stone With An Ultimate Glimmer

Next, you can pick up the Opal jewelry, as this is one of the most adored jewelry because of its kaleidoscope nature. Once the Opal stones are fixed into necklaces, pendants, or rings, they appear to be majestic and are known for their pearly, waxy luster. This is the stone that represents hope, innocence, and purity. However, it is a bit fragile in nature, so the one carrying the Opal stone with them should adequately take care of the stone.

Moonstone- The Stone Fulfilling Every Necessity

Moonstone crystal is another semi-precious stone loved for its gracious appearance and touch. This stone can be fitted in both delicate and bold designs making fabulous Moonstone jewelry. This stone’s size and cut allow the wearer to feel independent and classy. It is worn for soothing stress and instability in life. Moreover, it belongs to the feldspar family and ranges between 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale toughness.

Moldavite- The Life-Changing Stone

To add something exclusive to your collection, one must go for Moldavite jewelry. This beautiful jewelry will hold the eyes of whoever sees it and make a mark wherever they go. Technically, it is a tektite formed through the impact of meteorite activity that happened 14 million years ago. You can connect with the higher spiritual energies of the universe if you gaze at the Moldavite stone while meditating. This green beauty is called the stone of transformation, bringing lots of positive changes in the life of the person who wears it.

Libyan Desert Glass- The Stone With Desert’s Power

Libyan Desert Glass jewelry is another stone that impacts the meteorite activity that happened 28.5 million years ago. This stone comes from the deserts of Egypt, where this incident occurred. The yellowish-brown stone looks great when set into the 925 sterling silver jewelry, making the wearer confident and bold. In addition, this stone enhances the energies that resonate with one’s solar plexus, sacral, and third eye chakra.

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Buying These Stones

So, these are the few of the best stones about which we have discussed in this blog. Buying these gemstones in wholesale would be a fantastic idea, as these stones would be great to boom the market after the pandemic situation. The best place to buy all these gemstones is Rananjay exports, an online website based in Jaipur, India. They are the foremost seller of wholesale gemstone silver jewelry and have maintained their goodwill and the quality of stones for years. So, visit the website and order your collection today.