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Why Feli Fitness Provides a Program That Works 



Why Feli Fitness Provides a Program That Works 

As the standard of living in the western world continues to rise, the average consumer has been able to allocate more focus to higher-level necessities, like wellness and mindfulness. This means that even as New Year’s resolutions come and go, fitness and overall health are becoming more relevant goals for people. But with this rise in demand comes a plethora of challenges. Timing, accessibility, and levels of various training programs can cause uncertainty for many working Americans with busy schedules, even if they are looking to get into elite shape. This is why programs utilizing at-home equipment like many people’s shift to using a Peloton machine have become increasingly popular. However, when consumers want more of a personal touch, one man has introduced a fitness program that works for all. His name – Felipe Osses-Konig. And his company? Feli Fitness. 


Founded, owned, and operated solely by Felipe himself, Feli Fitness is a personal training business that brings a premium gym program to every client’s home. Currently serving clients in Bedford, Armonk, Greenwich, and Bronxville, Feli Fitness is working to expand across the country in the next two years, with loads of satisfied customers to follow. What makes Feli Fitness unique is the ability to work with a private trainer in the comfort of your home. Feli conducts calls via zoom or FaceTime to provide the flexibility of an at-home workout program, with the intensity of in-person personal training experience. The program requires no gym and can work in a space as small as a kitchen or as large as a backyard. It focuses on using functional and bodyweight training with clients and doesn’t require any equipment outside of the occasional bosu ball or resistance band. All Felipe asks is that his clients be willing to learn and grow. 


Some may wonder where Feli Fitness started, and how Felipe himself is a credible trainer. But after sharing his resume, he leaves no doubt. A four-star tennis recruit who trained at the famous John McEnroe Academy in New York, he has a team national title under his belt. This makes Felipe no stranger to the world of competitive athletics, continuing his career as a Division 1 athlete at Elon University in a high-level NCAA environment. He worked on and off the court on his fitness as a nationally competitive player, starting all the way back in juniors, and has years of experience with professional training. 

And Feli Fitness started to grow into a real business in his senior year of college at Elon. A group of sorority sisters from the university asked for personal training, and Feli Fitness was born in Felipe’s backyard. 


“I am passionate and energetic, and I fully invest myself in helping people not only get in better shape but develop a mindset where individuals believe they can achieve anything if they work hard! I base my company around positive energy and lack of judgment. No matter what level my clients are at, I just want to see them get better.” With this, Feli Fitness shares with us a sentiment that reflects the values of the business. 


A program that works for all levels in the convenience of a client’s home, Feli Fitness is providing a service that many people want and need. Growing every day in client base and popularity, Feli may soon reach the top of the training-from-home market, a trend that won’t soon die out. 


Alex McCurry is an Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist, and Social Media Expert. McCurry is known for founding several successful companies and has helped develop the brands of industry leaders across a variety of fields. Alex has worked with Fortune 500 Executives, major companies, celebrities, influencers, startups, and more.