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Why Is This Dog Going Viral On Instagram?



Dog Going Viral On Instagram

 A Story About Sara Lombard, And Her Aussie Sadie.

We now live in what many call the digital or information age. Essentially meaning that anyone with an Internet connection can gather information about anything they want within seconds. This era also allows the average person to build massive online brands through the use of social media platforms. There are huge brands in every industry now including, fitness, health, wealth, and even meme pages just to name a few.

One niche, in particular, has seemed to really capture the attention of a lot of people…animals! Who doesn’t love their dog or cat? Or watching a man hang out with lions or a snake wrangler sit in a cage with 20-foot anacondas!

One account on Instagram that has almost 50 thousand people following every move made is @MyAussieSadie owned by Sara Lombard. Sadie is a white and brown Australian Sheppard ball of fun. She’s happy, loving, and full of energy…literally all day.  Sara rescued her a few years ago and immediately realized this pup had one heck of a personality.

She soon started up an Instagram account for Sadie sharing photos and videos acting as if Sadie herself is talking to her followers.  It absolutely took off and now Sadie has a huge following of dog lovers along with some incredible brand deals including the well-known pet brand, Chewy!

Sara has also started up her own blog called the “Dog Blog”, sharing valuable information on taking the best care of your beloved animal as well as her own business giving other dog owners the ability to have any design they want to be printed right onto their dog’s leash and collar. She custom makes these herself.

Sadie loves to show off her talents by speeding after a flying Frisbee and leaping into the air to catch it, or by her perfect poses as mom snaps a photo and even by dressing up to honor whichever holiday is going on.

If you ever want a good laugh or just need some positivity added to your day, make sure you head over to @MyAussieSadie on Instagram and watch as this dog brightens up your life.

“Life is short so be happy now”- Sadie

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Kivo Daily Magazine