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Why you should focus on the Blue Sapphire Gemstone



Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Blue Sapphire is the stone of royalty. This stone maximizes the comfort and power in the wearer’s life. It is believed to provide several benefits to wearer when used as per the astrologer’s advice. The stone deserves your attention because of its prominent place in Vedic astrology.

Suitable for these zodiac signs

Blue sapphire gemstone is associated with Saturn planet. The Saturn planet is friendlier to a few of the zodiac signs and supports their wellbeing and success in all fields. So, if your sun sign is Taurus, Virgo, Gemini, Capricorn, Aquarius and Libra, you can consider wearing the Blue Sapphire Gemstone for better results.

The ascendants of these zodiac signs can improve their success chart by wearing this gemstone in a ring or as a pendant. The stone offers the best results when it is in direct contact with the skin. So, you need to stud this gemstone in rings or bracelet and ensure that the stone.

Blue sapphire boosts concentration

Learning new things or taking up new skills requires better concentration. Often people complain of wavering mind. Due to that, they are not able to complete the tasks in hand and suffer set-backs. Blue Sapphire can help the wearers in this regard. It boosts the clarity in thinking process.

As a result of better concentration, the wearer completes the tasks fast and is capable of taking up more responsibilities. All this helps the user a lot in scaling new heights in professional life.

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Blue Sapphire gemstone removes anxieties

In tough times, the biggest hurdle posed is by anxieties and unknown fears. The mind feels weakened due to the lack of confidence arising from unexplained anxieties. To combat this kind of mindset, the astrologers suggest wearing Blue Sapphire stone. This stone removes unnecessary thoughts and declutters mind, making it capable of tackling the tough situations with ease. So, to earn a better mental state and enhanced peace of mind, the authentic blue sapphire gemstone can be given a consideration.

Helps settle the risk and behave confidently

Risks can arise from anywhere. There can be instances of natural disaster, robbery, risky travels or even explosions. All these instances cause disruption in life. The sufferer experiences both physical and financial loss. The Blue Sapphire gemstone serves as a protective gear in such instances and brings in economic stability. Due to the uninterrupted flow of power, the wearer behaves confidently and feels assured of correctness of actions taken.

How to know if the Blue Sapphire is working in your favor

According to gemmologist, the Blue Sapphire gemstone commands power. The wearer feels quite centered and happier. So, if you want to confirm that the stone is working in your favor, you are advised to observe yourself after completion of about a day. The astrologers believe Blue Sapphire to be a very powerful stone and it starts showing its effect within 24 hours of wearing. The conditions start turning in your favor and any kind of turmoil in mind starts settling.

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Who should not wear Blue Sapphire Gemstone?

The Blue Sapphire Gemstone may not show positive impact on Leo and Scorpio ascendants. As mentioned above this gemstone is associated with the planet Saturn. This planet is not friendly with the Sun, Ketu, Rahu, Mars and Moon.

When you want to wear Blue Sapphire stone you must get an astrologer’s advice for the same. The position of Saturn in the horoscope determines if the gemstone is suitable to you or not. For example, those zodiac signs that are governed by Sun, Moon, Ketu, Rahu and Mars should pick the Sapphire for wearing only on astrologer’s advice.

Aries can wear the blue sapphire stone only when the Saturn planet is in first, fourth, fifth, ninth and tenth house. People from Gemini sign may experience both positive and negative influences. The negative influence manifests in the form of nightmare, loss, fear, bad feelings, and premonitions.

Virgo sign remains neutral to the Saturn planet. The stone gives the best benefits to Virgo ascendants when the Saturn is placed in the horoscope at 1st, 2nd, 5th, 9th and 10th and 11th house. Another zodiac sign that is not cordial with Saturn is Sagittarius.

So, get all the doubts cleared first before you choose to wear Blue Sapphire stone. It is quick to deliver results and deserves close observance of effects especially after completion of a day of wearing it.

To sum up

Blue sapphire symbolizes several positive emotions and feelings. It is a powerful stone that drives the mind of wearer to attain wisdom. The wearer feels intellectually strong, tackles issues with ease and also experiences better levels of kindness in behavior. Because of these positive traits a person is advised to focus on the Blue Sapphire Gemstone.