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Will The Drapers Lie Their Eyes on Blue as the Next One-Billion Idea?



Will The Drapers Lie Their Eyes on Blue as the Next One-Billion Idea?

Name tags and business cards have been used as tools to facilitate social interaction for a long time. In today’s age of disruption when everything is reexamined and reinvented, Blue has found a way to make name tags and business cards to the next level. Through their mobile app and Smart Card, Blue introduces innovations that allow people to interact with others whom they cross paths with in real life. The company is driven by its vision to create a world of friends by encouraging human sociality.

Whenever people are asked to wear name tags, the goal is always to make it easier for these people “to know and be known.” At Blue, reinventing the name tag is a great part of the company’s efforts to maximize social opportunity. Using technological advancements, Blue helps people create connections in real life and extend that through existing social media networks and more. The mobile app uses Bluetooth Auto-Networking™ technology which makes it easier for people to introduce themselves to others. Users simply turn on Blue, slide their phones back into their pockets, and they receive notifications in real-time as soon as they cross paths with another user. This is called ambient networking and Blue is the world’s most game-changing Bluetooth ambient social network.

On the other hand, when people think about business cards, they think about an instrument for expanding one’s network. However, using traditional business cards requires ordering numerous cards again and again. Using cutting-edge technology to reinvent the business card, Blue allows people to get rid of their old paper cards and replace them with the Smart Card. The sleek Blue Smart Card is made of durable transparent plastic and will trigger a link to the user’s personalized Blue profile. Items that may be added to the Smart Card include email address, phone number, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, custom links, and many more. When tapped against most Android phones and newer iPhones that are Near Field Communication (NFC) compatible, other people can quickly add the Smart Card user’s information on their contacts. What this means is that the Blue Smart Card is the only card that people will need. It is also a great conversation starter and leaves a lasting impression on other people.

Blue has opened a new market space that uniquely focuses on forming connections with other people in real life. Users are excited because each person discovers and develops their own way to make Blue useful. Blue has now reached 6 million people and online and now has over 30,000 customers with over 500,000 social interactions in the past six months. These include students, business owners, investors, recruiters, and social media users. The company is a strong player with a fresh approach against social media networks of many large companies in the highly competitive app market. When it comes to providing consolidated access to selected social media accounts, websites, emails, phone numbers, and other personal profile information, Blue blows the competition out of the water. Blue’s integration of mobile apps, ambient networking, and a Smart Card is truly innovative and disruptive in the best sense of the word.

In fact, The Meet the Drapers Show Season 3, Premieres this Saturday with Blue Social founders pitching to the legendary Draper family of Silicon Valley. The Draper’s are on the search for the world’s hottest new entrepreneurs, on the hunt for the next billion-dollar idea.

Currently, Blue is looking for people who will invest in the company and its vision through a Republic CrowdFund campaign where anyone can invest as little as $100. This crowdfunding campaign aims to raise up to $1,070,000. Visit their Instagram @blue_social or visit their website to know more.


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