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You Are Who You Associate With



You Are Who You Associate With

As we age and acquire more responsibilities the people who influence our lives tend to change. No longer are we simply looking for someone to go to the next party, or binge-watch TV shows, with. Instead, we tend to be inclined to associate with others that have the same goal. We find it easier to relate to those who are going through the same, or similar, trials and tribulations. As we grow, we challenge the people around us to improve upon themselves and reach the next level with us, and vise versa. Many believe that associating oneself with successful and positive people promotes self-improvement and growth.

One person who lived this theory is Christopher Clarkin, the influencer behind the viral page Hardcore Comedy (@hardcorecomedy2.0 on Instagram). In a recent interview, he stated that the best advice he could give others who are searching for success was “Your goal should be your top priority if it isn’t it’s not going to work. Surround yourself with positive people and always be willing to learn.” He acknowledged that doing this is what helped him grow. Clarkin admits he fell into the business accidentally. Upon researching influencers and seeing how successful they could be, he decided to run with his own social media platform.

Although Clarkin already had a social media account, he was still unsure as to whether or not becoming an influencer was the right path for him. He stated that, for him, it all started with DM’s. He would reach out to others and together they’d toss ideas back and forth. Clarkin also began reading business books and trying to learn as much as he could about everything he was exposed to.

Seeing the success of those around him only motivated him to continue. Clarkin worked hard to build his empire, that now stands at 1.9 million followers and increases by thousands daily. Each accomplishment he achieved, or witnessed others achieve, made him work harder. By surrounding himself with the lifestyle he wanted to live, he realized that opportunities were endless, and there truly was no limit to how he could grow. Whenever he had a doubt or was knocked down, he was able to look at those around him, get back up, and continue. The motivational and successful energy around him made continuing his path so much easier. He did not let anyone around him drag him down and now motivates others to never let themselves be dragged down either. Instead, he let it become a friendly, unspoken, competition where each person is reaching towards higher and higher goals.

Clarkin’s is just one of many success stories that were catalyzed by positive association. Look around yourself. Who are the people you see the most? Do they support you in your goals, or hinder your performance? It may be time to look at who you are now and what you want to become. Surround yourself with go-getters like yourself and the possibilities are endless.


Sean Kelly is the president of Jersey Champs, one of the largest jersey companies in North America. Sean Kelly is a public speaker advocating for young entrepreneurs to pursue business opportunities in America.