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Ahmad Yasir On His Journey From A Passionate Storytelling To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur



Ahmad Yasir

Instagram is one of the top social media today and has over 1 billion active users as of Feb 2019. The platform sees 500 million stories every day and has been a revenue generation tool for some entrepreneurs and companies, explaining why over 2 million advertisers have chosen the platform. But while the world is discovering the power of Instagram to up their game and generate likes, few envisioned using it as a platform for their personal growth and success. Ahmad Yasir is one such entrepreneur, who noticed an opportunity on the platform long ago, and has grown from zero to running two pages that are followed by more than a million users each.

Ahmad Yasir is an entrepreneur who used Instagram to discover his passion and through hard work and perseverance has been able to expand his network. He runs two highly successful Instagram pages, ‘@Reactions‘ and ‘@Ghetto‘. Today, ‘@Reactions’ is followed by over 5 million people, while ‘@Ghetto’ has 2.2 million followers. Both pages share unique, entertaining content that is appreciated widely by its followers. But how did he actually reach to create highly successful and viral content?

Ahmad was always a driven character and as a youngster has gone through various hardships to reach where he is today. But despite leading a tough life, he has stayed strong with his commitment and passion towards his art. Having always had the dream of being financially independent and becoming an entrepreneur, he knew from a very early age that he needed to have a business of his own. But with no one to guide him, Ahmad took up to pursuing his education with a Bachelor’s in biology. But while he was a committed student, he kept increasing his connections. Soon, he chose to pick up learnings from a few individuals who were already doing very well in their business and gained an intricate knowledge of how people run successful businesses. Putting these to test, he saw an opportunity through Instagram to build his own internet-based business.

For youngsters and fellow entrepreneurs who wish to leverage social media to kickstart their own success stories, Ahmad recommends being passionate and working hard. He believes that without the right passion to guide you, finding the inspiration to keep going despite all odds is tough. And this is much needed in the world of digital marketing and social media, where it is all about luck and touching a nerve with your audience. Passion doesn’t just help you reach your destination, it also helps to keep going and discovering new avenues to grow!

Having created his own viral content distribution channel, Ahmad went on to delve into the various intricacies of his business-like understanding of social media algorithms, structuring advertising campaigns that generate positive ROI and mastering the art of creating viral content. He has also expanded to other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and now Tik Tok, implementing his learnings to create and manage content for a variety of companies and clients. Soon, Ahmad founded his own company, InstaReach LLC, to run ad campaigns and viral Instagram content while also owning niche-based pages related to humor, entertainment, and video games. Peers in the industry noticed his success, and he soon was getting partnership opportunities with some of the biggest players.

Ahmad has worked on creating and coordinating paid advertisements for PUBG (Player’s Unknown Battle Grounds), one of the most popular games around the globe. His ties helped him solidify his reach in the segment, and he has also collaborated with ‘Game of War’ since to promote their app to gain high downloads. His mastery of sales conversion tactics and engagement methodology has helped him create a successful online business. And Ahmad attributes it all to his passion, for that has helped him stay committed and emerge as a successful Instagram entrepreneur.

However, his passion keeps him going, and despite what many would see as an ultimate dream, Ahmad has more he wishes to accomplish. With his passion and knowledge, he plans to open an E-trade store while also wanting to start an ice-cream chain. To make these dreams into a reality, the passionate entrepreneur has already started making real estate investments to bring his vision to life. A true believer in passion, Ahmad believes that passion never ends and is something that keeps you going for more.

Social media is vast and can seem daunting at times, but stories like Ahmad’s tell you how effective it is when leveraged correctly. The art of creating viral content is a tough nut to crack, so stay honest and use your creativity for things you are truly passionate about. Slowly and surely, you’ll grow with learning, observation, and understanding what your audience wants. If you are looking for some inspiration for beginning your journey as an Instagram influencer and digital entrepreneur, follow Ahmad on his personal Instagram account, ‘@Amad‘.