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Jeremy Arthur Morris

Vice President of the social media marketing agency, Every Day Success Team, Jeremy Arthur Morris​, has the key needed to unlock online success. At Every Day Success Team, Morris​ works alongside a team of 50 sales representatives to enhance their clients’ credibility online. Morris uses his knowledge of the competitive social media world along with his agency’s strategies and tactics to ensure that his clients are differentiating themselves in the marketplace.

As someone who always had a love for social media, Jeremy Arthur Morris​ saw a huge opportunity to start a social media marketing agency. With his own knowledge of various social media platforms, along with the desire to help others, Morris became extremely excited to become Vice President at Every Day Success Team. Morris explains, “I didn’t care what anyone else thought about me,

I didn’t care how long it would take me to start growing my own brand, but once I saw it working, I knew I could help the masses teaching the same strategies I used”.

Despite the challenges which ​Morris​ has faced while working at Every Day Success Team, he explains how seeing other young entrepreneurs succeed and grow has inspired him to work harder. Morris describes the power behind social media, explaining, “I saw other young entrepreneurs living life on their own terms, travelling, driving fancy cars, and building an audience while they did so. After countless efforts in figuring out how to start growing my own brand online, I knew I could play a large part in helping others do the same for themselves”.

Jeremy Arthur Morris​ let his struggles motivate him every step of the way. Morris knew that working at Every Day Success Team would not be easy, so he let his passion and determination overcome his challenges. By understanding that the fear of failure and people not believing in you can ruin a potential business venture, Morris focused on keeping his mindset clear and consistent.

Morris​ went on to explain just how important mindset is when starting your own business, “Your mindset can create excuses, problems, or turmoil, or it can create priorities, answers, and development. Mindset is something that anyone can shift, develop, or change, but it takes serious mental strength to stay consistently focused on objectives and goals”.

For anyone looking to start their own business, ​Jeremy Arthur Morris ​recommends providing free value whenever possible. Morris believes that there’s so much more to a business than buying and selling. Entrepreneurs need to understand the human thought process and consumers’ emotions. Morris takes this idea one step further with his own agency by creating personal connections with his clients. By giving clients his personal contact information, Morris ensures that his clients feel comfortable and confident in the service they’re purchasing. By feeling comfortable with being uncomfortable, Jeremy Arthur Morris​ explains that anyone can be successful on social media.

To learn more about ​Jeremy Arthur Morris ​and to contact him, follow him ​here​.

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