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The Automation Queen

Chloë Bisson, also known as “The Automation Queen”, has helped thousands of women to build their own successful online businesses by understanding the best way to build and integrate sales funnels, automated marketing strategies and leveraging your genius zone!

  • She is the number one best-selling author, international speaker and multi-awarding entrepreneur who has not always had the easiest road in life. She attests this rapid success to her experience speaking on international stages alongside hugely famous female entrepreneurs and helping thousands of female entrepreneurs to build their own successful online businesses using her six-step system known as the “Ultimate Online Business Blueprint”. 

But it wasn’t always easy for Chloë. She went from having everything she’d ever wanted to lose her relationship, her home, her job and being diagnosed with clinical depression at the age of 24. Despite being told she wasn’t “good enough”, Chloë defied the odds, found her inner strength, battled her depression and used her challenges to fuel her business.

Chloë’s lives her life by one core principle; Act fast, learn faster and this core principle is the reason for her success today. She believes that everyone has a powerful gift inside them which has the ability to fund their dream life and that gift is usually the product of a challenging time in your past.

Do you let your past define you… or motivate you?

As Chloë was building her business from the ground up, she was getting sick of hearing experts talk about building a “7 figure business in 7 days”. She got to a point where enough was enough and decided she would focus on building a structure that would continue to generate revenue for her without having to be at her computer 18 hours a day. It was time for her to work smarter, not harder and that’s exactly what she did. Chloë developed the “Ultimate Online Business Blueprint” which she has shared with thousands of women all over the world to help them to build their own online businesses.

In today’s everchanging digital world, there has never been a more important time to launch online products and services than right now. Businesses are struggling because of the current environment and circumstances but digital products and online education products are the answer for many businesses to survive these challenging times. This is why so many women utilize Chloë’s strategies and products to achieve their results.  

The Automation Queen Academy is where Chloë hosts a series of masterminds and online training to support female entrepreneurs to:

  • Sell authentically online to your perfect customers;
  • Become known in your industry as the go-to expert and establish your authority;
  • Transform your current business into online, automated income streams;
  • Effectively share your message online to attract exactly who you want to work with; and
  • Generate income easily online with what you have.

Chloë Bisson is a master in her craft and has dedicated her life to support women to be more than just mums, wives, sisters and daughters but to be CEOs, business owners, directors and more! She helps you realize that despite your past, you can create and launch a successful business where you determine your own path!

Mark Stephen Pooler is a Creative entrepreneur who has overcome the kind of adversity that most people cannot even comprehend. He has taken the resilience from his past trauma and turned that into an inspirational determination to help others. After years of being severely bullied, Mark turned to drug addiction and started down a dark road of self-destruction that nearly ended his life. After having the strength to overcome his addictions, he rebuilt his life stronger than ever. Mark is now a professional speaker, bestselling author, a speaker coach and a radio host. Mark helps struggling entrepreneurs create a mindset and belief system that makes their success a reality. Mark inspires entrepreneurs to find and use their courage and strength to empower and lead themselves to success. He helps speakers, coaches and influencers to move forwards gain credibility and authority and get results using PR.