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16-Year-Old Rohan Parikh is a Social Media Star



Rohan Parikh

The landscape of social media is exciting, daunting, and most of all: complicated. But this puzzle that baffles many seems to have been cracked by one young social media influencer. At just 16, Rohan Parikh has become an entrepreneur, content creator, innovator, influencer, and social media expert. In a field muddled with celebrities, models, CEOs, and more, Rohan has established himself as a head-turner, amassing all his following through hard work, patience, and dedication.

Rohan started his career in Instagram at 13, with a gaming account that catapulted from its humble beginning, spawning a YouTube channel, a line of merchandise, and a host of other conglomerates. It is with this running start that he was able to grow a variety of other accounts that he similarly grew to a high following.

As a result of his devotion to his craft he boasts a multitude of stats including having his content reaching 1 billion different people over the entire reach of Instagram, gaining 3 million unique followers, being contacted and affiliated with a number of celebrities crossing into the triple digits, and gaining a profit of $1,000,000 or the equivalent of a small company. Some of his accounts include @medial.thing and @growntoons.

Equipped with such knowledge Rohan has grown over 30 accounts, each containing 500,000 or more followers: some for celebrities, some for brands, and some just to prove that he can. Having started from humble beginnings himself Rohan details the mindset to make it far in the field. “Honestly it’s not about the money for me, it never has been. Not for popularity either. What I crave the most, is to seek relationships to enhance myself in every sense of the word. It’s this desire to learn more and enjoy the community that I have created.”

The world of social media is growing, and fast. Since its inception, it has been used for more than just posting pictures and updates. This digital terrain has transformed to be a platform for brands to raise awareness, for movies and books to hostler popularity, and for celebrities to elevate connectivity. And with the number of users growing daily this device has become a riddle that’s becoming trickier and trickier to crack. Fortunately, Rohan Parikh has seemed to have found the key to the chaos.

A professional of this tapestry where everything seems so random and out of place, Rohan has the right tools and perspective to make everything fit in just the right place. His never-ending quest for insight coupled with his extraordinary resilience, hindsight, and perseverance has turned him into one of the leading social media influencers of his age. Clearly, his future beholds one of great success and growth.

In such a complex social world that is a mystery of itself, it seems that Rohan Parikh is the man behind the madness.

Alex McCurry is an Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist, and Social Media Expert. McCurry is known for founding several successful companies and has helped develop the brands of industry leaders across a variety of fields. Alex has worked with Fortune 500 Executives, major companies, celebrities, influencers, startups, and more.