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3 Key Principles eCommerce Educator Kevin Zhang Teaches His 6-Figure Students



Kevin Zhang is best known for rising out of thousands of dollars in credit card debt to generating $20 million in eCommerce sales within his first year of business. While his story is undoubtedly incredible (even more so considering that he is only 24 years old) Zhang believes that this type of performance is entirely possible for anyone with the right strategy and mindset. In the past 8 months, Zhang has set out to prove his hypothesis by shifting more of his attention to the eCommerce education space. Whether it’s speaking at renowned marketing conventions like AffiliateWorld Asia 2019 or leading a weekly live coaching call for the thousands of students in his comprehensive incubation program — eCommerce Millionaire Mastery — Zhang seeks to share his hard-won strategies with the next generation of eCommerce entrepreneurs. During these sessions, regardless of the technical content covered, Kevin generally communicates three key principles for eCommerce success. Unlike much of Zhang’s other content, these principles are not specific strategies for improving conversions or increasing clicks on an ad; instead, they are general maxims he abides by in order to increase his odds of success across the board.

Build a Brand

Central to Kevin’s eCommerce success is his unique approach, which he calls Branded Niche eCommerce (BNE). As the name would suggest, BNE entails creating stores that focus on a specific collection of related products, rather than a single product or an assortment of unrelated products (general store). This strategy offers superior marketing possibilities and protection from competitors. It is difficult to steal customers who are loyal to a brand itself and not just to the product being sold. Regardless of the niche, Kevin Zhang’s students are encouraged to focus on key branding elements such as eye-catching logos, consistent color schemes, and compelling product descriptions. To date, students have created hundreds of successful BNE stores, spanning from fitness apparel to cooking supplies. In a recent internal survey, Kevin’s eCommerce Millionaire Mastery program found that 54% of students who launched a store as a part of the program were profitable within the first few months. 

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Regardless of the problem, Kevin Zhang has found that the answer generally lies somewhere in the numbers. While this lesson is straightforward, its application can prove difficult. Kevin once spent two days crafting a beautiful ad only to launch it and watch it achieve lackluster results. Instead of accepting the data showing him that the ad was not resonating with his audience, Kevin continued spending money in an attempt to make the ad campaign profitable. It took him a few days of losses to realize his personal attachment to the ad had overridden his ability to accept the data proving its poor performance. 

Prioritize Customer Experience

Customer service is key to any successful business venture and eCommerce is no different. Whether it is timely responses to email queries or adopting forgiving return policies, Kevin Zhang recommends that all of his students pay close attention to the needs of their customers. A customer-centric approach may feel tedious at times, but the long-run payoff is immense as it allows a business to stay in operation longer. Zhang learned the profound difference a proper customer support response can make after his customers’ shipments experienced an unexpected delay. He promptly notified each customer of the delay, apologized for the inconvenience, and offered them a choice between their order being canceled and refunded or receiving a courtesy discount. The customers were so impressed by the brand’s transparency and rapid response that the majority opted for a partial discount, saving the company thousands. 

Kevin Zhang is adamant that students who apply these principles diligently will achieve success in eCommerce, and for those who struggle he is always willing to lend a helping hand. Whether it is his weekly coaching calls, student website reviews, or even the simple act of answering a Facebook question, Zhang’s commitment to his mentees is clearly evident. He plans to continue updating his course and looks forward to a new wave of 7-figure eCommerce success stories.

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