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5 Personal Branding Tips with John Danes



5 Personal Branding Tips with John Danes

Recently, I sat down with Marketing and Personal Branding Expert John Danes, and asked him for his 5 biggest tips on Personal Branding. John is the Host of The Top 100 Business Podcast, The No Excuses Show and the Founder of 99MEDIA, which is one of Nashville’s top digital agencies.

1. Have a Real Business 

Most people are spending too much time documenting the process, and not actually focusing on the process itself. So many people are posting success advice on social media 10 times a day, starting a podcast, writing an ebook, or whatever the case may be. What most people look over is actually having a real business to drive traffic to from your personal brand. Kylie Jenner is the first billionaire made out of personal branding, but if she was only an Instagram model, she wouldn’t be a billionaire. She built a massive personal brand, then drove traffic to Kylie Cosmetics.

2. Study Success, Don’t Copy it

Tons of individuals aren’t being authentic to themselves, many people are trying to be mini Gary Vee’s. People need to stay authentic, study successful personal brands, take their good qualities but don’t copy them. If you don’t stay true to yourself, you won’t build a great personal brand, and if you do, your whole brand will be built in an unauthentic way.

3. Collaborate

Without collaboration, successful personal brands are very difficult to build. If John didn’t start a podcast and collaborate with individuals like Grant Cardone, Ricky Guitterez, and Frank Kern, his personal brand wouldn’t have seen growth. John recommends to get in front of other peoples audiences and leverage the credibility of being around and collaborating with successful individuals to grow your brand.

4. Start a Podcast

Podcasting is the quickest and most underrated way to build a personal brand. Podcasting is the only way to sit in front of an individual for an hour and pick their brains. Podcasts are a very untapped platform, that very few entrepreneurs are taking advantage of. If you invest in equipment, create a lot of content, and reach out to high-level individuals, you can see success. For every 2000 Youtube channels, there is 1 podcast. Take advantage of the podcasting platform before it’s too late.

5. Omnipresence

Although this is very similar to number 4, it still needs to be highlighted again. If you’re not building your brand on every platform, you’re massively behind. Many times, individuals get their Instagram shut down, they have completely lost what they’ve worked for. If you’re only on one platform, you’re vulnerable and setting yourself up for failure.