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Achieving Success In the Real Estate Industry; Lessons From Ryan Pineda



Achieving Success In the Real Estate Industry; Lessons From Ryan Pineda

Former Minor League Baseball player, Ryan Pineda has carved a name for himself in society by becoming one of the most successful real estate investors in the world. 

Over the years, Ryan has helped over a hundred individuals flip houses. He’s also trained young entrepreneurs on how to achieve success in the field of real estate flipping.

Attaining this level of success is not an easy feat. In this article, Ryan shares insight into dominating the real estate industry and grooming successful habits to help you along the way.

Staying Focused

Keeping an eye on the prize is something most entrepreneurs struggle to do. A variety of distractions, such as materialism or fame, always seems to get in the way of real success.

Ryan avoided this by surrounding himself with friends of similar interests. As a man of faith, Ryan made sure he was committed to church activities and in God. 

He faced a lot of temptation before as a baseball player and pushed through it solely by minding the company he kept.

“So many people out there chase cheques and let materialistic desire hinder them from achieving success; this shouldn’t be the case for you. Set your sights on the main goal, focus, and crush it!”


What’s the proper way of maintaining discipline with so many distractions coming up in this era of social media entrepreneurs?

There are a lot of these so-called internet entrepreneurs out there who flash select items on social media, and this sometimes steers us away out path. 

The only way to maintain our lane and hit the Finish line is by building self-discipline and staying focused until we achieve success.

So, how do we stay disciplined?

Well, Ryan Suggests we stay accountable and have a routine based lifestyle. 

Every morning, Ryan follows the same routine, he gets up from bed, prays and reads his Bible, then writes a journal. 

This helps set the tone of his day.

Lessons from the field

As a former Athlete, Ryan still applies most of the virtues he learned while he was again playing pro baseball for the minor leagues.

Some of these virtues include; Hard work, dedication, and proper organizational techniques.

As an Athlete, you are also trained to deal with a lot of failure and criticism. No one will give accolades to a player who can’t perform during the season.

And most importantly, Ryan has gotten this far by applying two age-old techniques that most find difficult to harness today. 

Adaptability and Team-Work!

His ability to adjust to any situation that comes his way and lead staff members in his team is considered one of the significant factors contributing to his success. 


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