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Air Force Veteran Teaches Dropshipping Course to Help People Make Money



Reco Jefferson

Reco Jefferson is 33 years old and has already led an extraordinary life. How many people his age can say they are a veteran, Penn State graduate, and entrepreneur? That is only part of Reco’s amazing and impressive resume.

Reco joined the Air Force after he graduated from high school. He spent four years on active duty before being honorably discharged. After that, he enrolled at Penn State University and spent the next four years earning his Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Science and Technology.

Following his graduation, Reco got a job as a software engineer. It was an exciting time because he got the privilege to work on a number of classified projects. However, Reco wasn’t making the kind of money that he wanted to make. He had a dream of succeeding in e-commerce. With only $3.67 in his Wachovia bank account, he would eventually turn it into a six-figure balance.

“I started out by obtaining free items off Craigslist and flipping them on eBay and Swappa,” said Reco. “Then I moved on to flipping cell phones. Once I saved up enough money, I started to investigate dropshipping and how that business model works. I discovered how easy it was to make money on Amazon with dropshipping items that my suppliers send to my customers.”

Reco spent six years building his dropshipping business on the Amazon platform. It got to the point where he used multiple Amazon accounts and had other people manage his dropshipping businesses for him. That way, he could devote more time to teaching other people the very same dropshipping business model that he practiced on a daily basis.

“My Amazon dropshipping course is one of the few courses available that lays out each step that needs to be taken to make money in this business,” said Reco. “Unlike the clients of other Amazon dropshipping courses, my clients have always made money from following the advice in my courses. I’ve never had a client tell me that they had a negative month, not even once.”

Reco has already coached nearly one thousand students. Every single one of them has come back and said they made money from his advice. Some students have made more money than others, but it all depends on how much time and effort is put into the business. The ultimate claim is that the Amazon dropshipping business can build a seven-figure business.  The secret is the automation aspect of it.

“People who are not computer savvy can still make money from this business,” said Reco. “We offer an automation service for the people that want a professional to run their accounts for them in exchange for a small commission. This is a perfect solution for people who don’t have a lot of time to manage multiple Amazon accounts.”

When Reco is not running his businesses or coaching people, he works out in the gym and tries to maintain a nutritious, balanced diet. He believes that maintaining good health can make a person stronger in business as well. 

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