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Alex Tonti: 19-Year-Old Instagram Expert



Alex Tonti: 19-Year-Old Instagram Expert

Instagram is one of the leading platforms that has helped digital creators and influencers leave their footprint in the social media world. Brands use this predominant platform to expand their mark by strategic use of this platform. To use this platform, one has to create a unique user name. At the mention of Instagram, names like Kylie Jenner and Gary Vaynerchuk comes to mind. 


Throughout 2018, Alex Tonti, the youngest social media expert in Italy mastered the functioning and algorithms of social networks. In 2019, he tested his knowledge on his personal account which resulted in a combined Instagram network of more than 250,000. Alex’s Instagram page gets millions of impressions every single week. All of these he was able to achieve in a year. 


At 13, Alex had learned to edit videos and started to post some gaming videos on YouTube but that wasn’t something he continued for too long because at school he was always made fun of. He decided to stop being a sensitive child. 


With a large network of followers at his disposal, Alex has shifted his attention from building his personal page to helping other people build grow their brands by channeling them traffic from the massive network he accumulated. Alex is now operating as a freelance full-service digital brand builder, helping different firms and individuals build their digital existence and achieve business goals through social media. He told us “ At age 18, after studying how social networks work (platforms that have always attracted my attention) and have met people who work there I thought “if a person can do it, why can’t I? I’ll do it even better than he does!”


At just 19, Alex has accomplished a lot which includes getting a part in a Netflix TV series that will be released shortly as well as other tv programs. He has been interviewed by various newspapers, blogs, and radios.  He also has a wide following on TikTok- another prominent social media platform. 


Overcoming challenges 

Alex faced a lot of challenges in other to get this far. The key attributes to succeeding in a career as social media branding are; 

First originality: the social environment is going to keep creating such a pressure on us that we get influenced to imitate what we see around us. To be effective on social media, you have to be original. You could follow a trend but still be original about it. 


Next is creativity: creativity and originality work hand in hand. Social media is all about trends. Creativity is following the trend but not doing what others do. Successful brands on social media still do the same thing as every other person- follow the trend. Burger King, for example, does nothing new; They only share a picture of their new “long” burger but in a different way which sets them apart. The burger is so long that the first part appears on Facebook; the next part on Instagram and the last part on Twitter. The fact that this burger appears across different social networks is creativity as well as originality. 


Another is determination: social media branding comes with a lot of challenges but with determination, you can overcome all obstacles. I had to study the algorithms of Instagram for a year then applied my research to my Instagram page which yielded positive results. Find a purpose for wanting to be part of something and be determined to achieve your aim! 


Most of all, believe in yourself!


Words of advice 

“To those who want to follow in my footsteps, you must like it very much. Also, you will have to invest a lot of time, go out and know as many people as possible. If you have a goal you have to believe in yourself, do not set limits to your imagination. Now I managed to show everyone that with competence and dedication you can achieve any goal. Because of my accomplishments at a young age, the people who made fun of me now see me in a different way…a better way. They all want to be friends now.”


Alex’s accomplishments are certainly impressive and we are sure he’s going to be taking giant strides in helping firms and individuals build their brands… we can’t wait!


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