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Ali Jamal Awad – Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy Philosophy



Ali Jamal Awad - Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy Philosophy

Many people in the world pursue different careers thinking it will be easy to get a job or start a business based on one’s educational prowess. However, this is not always the case. Today, there are many openings changing the livelihood of many people. Entrepreneur Ali Jamal Awad will definitely give you robust advice on how to succeed in your career and in the business world.

At a tender age, he was introduced to martial arts, a field where he honed his physical and mental fortitude. Losing matches build his mental strength and led to his personal growth. Ali has gone on to demonstrate his physical and mental resilience in many other areas from practicing law to becoming a renowned entrepreneur. 

Amazing Journey of Ali Wad

Ali Jamal Awad’s father has always spurred hard work and independence in his children. Ali would always heed his words, and at a tender age, he had built his own e-commerce store. By the age of 15, Ali was independent. However, he made the mistake of trusting someone with his $25,000 merchandise who never paid him back the returns. 

From this lesson, he decided to protect himself and his future empire by enrolling in a law school. He received a scholarship to start his Juris doctorate. Being a smart and business-minded scholar, he also enrolled for a master’s degree in business. By the age of 24 years, in the history of Georgia State, Ali Jamal Awad became the youngest JD/MBA graduate. 

Building his Remarkable Career

Upon graduation, Ali started working with the government where he got an opportunity to learn and understand many cases of injustices firsthand. Upon his first year of practicing law, he based his endeavors on handling medical malpractice cases, but his passion was to deal with car accidents and related cases. Unfortunately, he quit the job and to pursue other things even though life was not easy. 

When Ali Jamal Awad started his first venture, he was in debt and living with a roommate. He didn’t have space to operate but was armed with his laptop, phone and plenty of time to do what he wants. He decided to venture into social media and make career strides no other lawyer has pursued before.

He documented his life as a lawyer on social media providing interested followers with free legal information and advice. Many people would reach him via Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat, and he immediately knew he was up for a new challenge and venture.

Ali Wad was contacted by a law firm in Atlanta that liked his work and offered an opportunity to use its space with no salary but only get commissions for cases referred to. Within a duration of two months, he had hired is own assistant and a paralegal as business was booming.

Investing Wisely and Utilizing every Opportunity 

Within months of working hard, he went from being self-employed to a visionary CEO. He was making millions of money on the cases he was handling. Thanks to his upbringing, desire to succeed and determination, he didn’t waste the dollars he accumulated. Ali Jamal Awad went on and reinvested back into his business and himself. 

He started learning how to create content and how to run ads on social media. From there, he built his clientele list and started exploring the digital market. He has established a team of employees and each has the necessary tools to undertake daily duties. 

Mr. Awad attests that he is privileged to work and live in the United States and ready to explore each opportunity that comes his way. His family and friends motivate him each day even when faced by hard times. 

Ali Jamal Awad defines success as getting to do whatever you want, with whomever you want, whenever you want. Ali advises aspiring entrepreneurs and scholars to invest greatly in their skills. Take the time and energy to invest in what you’re good at so you can master your skills. By doing this you will learn how to use your skills to help others and to achieve your goals while gaining success. It is very important that you trust yourself and trust in your skills to be able to help you achieve that success that you deserve.

I write about interesting entrepreneurs and how they make money and help others.