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All In Entrepreneurs Host Grant Cardone: Podcasts & Networking



All In Entrepreneurs Host Grant Cardone: Podcasts & Networking

The podcasting industry has exploded over the last 3 years because of the content, branding and networking opportunities that podcasting creates. Everyone is looking to guest appear on reputable shows with large audiences and if you can create a successful podcasting brand, you can use it to network with the biggest names in the world. Recently, All In Entrepreneurs hosted real estate and marketing mogul Grant Cardone at their studio in Phoenix, Arizona. 

The All In Entrepreneurs podcast is hosted by Carlos Reyes, Sal Shakir, and Alex Saenz. Three multi-millionaires who created success in the real estate industry. After creating that success, they continued to expand, looking for more ways to grow their network. The podcast, which launched just a few months ago, has now hosted some of the biggest names in the real estate world including Sean Terry and Grant Cardone. While the three hosts have created their own success, building up their podcast and media platform has made them more enticing to some of the biggest media celebrities in their field.

“We wanted to start the podcast as a way to put out free information that could help people achieve their own financial freedom, and we are so humbled that so many people are tuning into the live streams of the podcast,” said Carlos Reyes.

The live stream with Grant Cardone had over 500 live stream viewers and the episode lasted almost two hours.

“It was humbling to have someone like Grant Cardone in the studio. He is somebody that everyone in the real estate community looks up to and that we have always respected,” said Sal Shakir. “When he showed up to the office, our team was excited, the live stream was exploding and it was a really special moment for everyone involved,” he continued.

Podcasting has opened up so many opportunities for entrepreneurs everywhere. The trio at All In Entrepreneurs also uses the platform to expand their audience and make information accessible to everyone. In Entrepreneurs are well known for their high ticket events and coaching, but for every event they host, they also give away a lot of their secrets for free on platforms like the podcast.

“We understand that people are at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey and some are just getting started. I grew up very poor and when I started in real estate, I was working a 9-5 job so I didn’t have the money for coaching or mentorship,” said Reyes. “We want to be able to help everyone, so we do the podcast and host free pop-up events to connect with people that are hungry to change their lives.”

Podcasting has become the most effective medium to connect with the biggest names in media, while also creating free value to those that want to learn more. All In Entrepreneurs recently hit Apple Podcasts top entrepreneurship podcasts and they are using the platform to educate the next wave of entrepreneurs.

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